Top Tips to Convert a Nursery Into a Toddler Room

How to Convert a Nursery Into a Toddler Room

with Yvonne K from The Styled Spot

How to convert a nursery into a toddler room - it’s an exciting milestone to reach and yet at the same time it can be a little nerve-wracking! I recently went through this process with my youngest – at 3 years of age it was high time she moved into a big bed. But the thought of my super active daughter not having the safety net of a cot, and being able to just get out of bed when she pleased was enough to make me wish I could hold out a little longer! In the end, the process went very smoothly and now she loves her big girls room!

Today we have the lovely Yvonne from The Styled Spot giving us her top styling tips to convert a nursery into a toddler room, and I think you’ll all agree her daughter Zoe’s room is absolutely exquisite!
I’ll then be sharing my own top tips for helping your little one adjust to their new toddler space.

How to Convert a Nursery into a Toddler Room - Yvonne from The Styled Spot

How To Convert a Nursery Into a Toddler Room | The Nursery Collective

When I was pregnant with baby number two, I thought it was time to transition Zoe (my eldest) out of her cot and into a big girl room. Here are my top styling tips for how to convert a nursery into a toddler room!

1. Choose a bed that will last!

The first major item I needed to convert a nursery into a toddler room was a new bed. I chose a single bed that had two adjustable heights. Since a bed is a large piece of furniture and a bit of an investment, I wanted to choose something that will not only meet her needs now, but that would last well into the future.

Bed for converting nursery to toddler room

All I would need to do in the future is perhaps change the pink wall. The bed as well as the bedside, is something that will transition with her well into her tweens.

2. Practical Concealed Storage

Storage for Toddler Room

Zoe’s bedside, I love how much it holds and how well it hides it!

Reading before bed is super important in our house, and my kids seem to have an enormous range of books. Zoe’s bedside storage is not only pretty but also very functional. It hides an enormous stash of books!
Think about what your child seems to have a lot of (whether it be books, lego, soft toys) and what concealed storage you might need to put it out of sight. Whilst open storage looks very pretty, it’s not always the most practical solution.

3. Create a special space or nook

Reading Nook in Toddler Room

I purchased a white lace canopy and together we picked some pieces for the space and named it her ‘fairy magical reading corner’

When you transition a toddler into a big kid’s room, often both of you are feeling pretty nervous. Although Zoe was excited about her new room, it was around the same time that she became scared of the dark. I saw this as a chance to create something special for her in her room.

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Together we created a magical reading corner to acknowledge her fear of the dark. I purchased a canopy, we picked out little jars of fairy dust and installed lots of warm and soothing night-lights. The mushroom light looks so magical at night, we talk about how the fairies live in there and help to look after her at night. I have also draped some fairy lights inside the canopy.
Knowing your child and what might provide some comfort will determine what you can create in their room. What I didn’t count on when creating the little space, was how much more we use her room. What once was an unused corner has now become the most used space in her room. We sit and read in there before bed, we play puppet shows, and during the day, since dropping her nap, Zoe uses it to have rest time.
For your child you might consider putting up a teepee, or a craft desk or even a study desk. Every choice is dependent on your child’s age and interest.

Here is a reading corner I created in a little boy’s room.

Toddler Boy Reading Nook

This is a leather beanbag and superheroes were high on the list for this little man.

Happy decorating and I'd love to hear about how you convert a nursery into a toddler room! Post your pics on Instagram and tag @nurserycollective and @thestyledspot!  Yvonne x (The Styled Spot)

Shop the Look: Zoe's Room
Bed - Incy Interiors 
Canopy - The Little Interior
Mushroom lamp - Little Belle
Bed linen - Country Road
Playmat in reading corner - Numero 74 from Talo Interiors 
Sleepy eye pillow - Kmart 
Paper flowers- Paper Bloom Girls
Dress - Tutu du Monde

Thanks Yvonne for those fantastic tips! You can find out more about connecting with Yvonne HERE

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS To Help Your Child Adjust when you Convert a Nursery into a Toddler Room:

How to Help Your Child Adjust to their Big Kids Room

1. Keep your bedtime (and morning) routine the same

I kept our bed time routine exactly the same for both my kids, and this truly helped in the transition process. My son took months to realise he could get out of his own bed as he was so conditioned to being in a cot and having us come wake him or get him up in the morning. My daughter moved to a big bed about 6 months ago and still doesn’t get out of her own bed which was a huge surprise to me as she’s super active! I know this will end but I’m enjoying it while it lasts! Both my kids also had bed guards which mimicked that feeling of being in a more enclosed space and I do believe this helped with their security (plus I didn’t have to worry about them falling out of bed!). So remember – routine is king!

2. Try to avoid making this change when there are other significant changes happening at the same time.

Quite often converting a nursery into a toddler room happens when a new baby is on the way. If this is the case, try to ensure you leave enough time for this change so your child isn’t rushed and so you can also deal with any potential new fears that might arise out of the change (being scared of the dark for example). I transitioned my son a little earlier than I had planned to because I wanted it to happen well before his little sister arrived (and also because the bed I wanted was on sale lol). By keeping our routines the same and having the time to fully invest in the change (without having a newborn to deal with) the process went smoothly.

3. Let your toddler have a say in how their new room will look

They are after all a “big kid” now, and doing this helps them also feel pride in this milestone. How much say is up to you – this could be helping to choose their own bedding (from a pre-determined set if you have a specific look you’re going for and don’t want them to choose the latest Disney inspired look), a new decorative item, or as Yvonne  suggested - working with them to create a special space/nook. My daughter wanted to move her play kitchen out of our living room (which I was super pleased about!) and have her own little cooking corner, and my son simply wanted to choose his own dinosaur pillowcases! Both my kids now spend so much more time playing in their own rooms rather than dragging all their toys out into the living room – a win/win in my book! As my son got older we also created special shelves for his Lego creations as well as to keep them out of reach from his little sister.

Enjoy this special milestone and feel free to tag us on Instagram in your toddler room photos for a chance to be featured! Cathy x

Do you have a toddler who is afraid of the dark? Or perhaps you’d like to be prepared before this happens?

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