The Things I didn’t know about Breastfeeding

The Things I didn't Know about Breastfeeding

Lisa Collis, Owner and Creator of Smylyn Bubby Covers shares her story about all the things she didn’t know about breastfeeding when she had her first baby.

My breastfeeding journey started like I am sure many do. I was pregnant and keen to do all the right things. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby, but in my circle of friends and family I had not ever really seen it, talked about it or understood what it involved.

You just stick the baby on the boob… right? and it all just happens… right?

As I look back at this now, I can only see this blind ambition as comical. Comical? Well, let’s start by pointing out that I so very naively thought milk came out of a woman’s nipple much the same as a cow’s udder (via one hole) so imagine my amazement and confusion as milk spurted in numerous directions from my nipples.

This then brings me to the next element that I was completely unprepared for… milk spray, milk squirts, milk drips… milk, milk, milk. I had absolutely no comprehension that once the baby cried and the ‘let down’ reflex triggered that my milk would just gush. I can remember one occasion, in particular, as I struggled to get bub in the right position to feed that my husband ever so gently reached over and repositioned the muslin wrap (that I was awkwardly using as a cover) to prevent my spraying breastmilk from spraying at an extreme ninety degrees from my nipple into nowhere.

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Another thing that I did not know, was that I was going to have to teach my baby what to do.

What? Is this not instinct? I don’t know what I am doing, how am I going to teach my baby what to do? Luckily, the midwives and lactation specialists were available to provide great support and advice. But again, came the problems with the milk. When bub was feeding incorrectly, I can describe what I was thinking – “It doesn’t feel right, oh maybe it will be ok, maybe bub will self-correct… why are my toes curling up, oh yep this is painful, yep really painful, ok I need to correct this”. By promptly putting my finger in bubs mouth to stop the suction I automatically proceed to spray her in the face with milk, as I get her set to start again.

Dealing with this milk excess was one of the key reasons that I created a towel lined breastfeeding cover – the Smylyn Bubby Cover.

I wanted a breastfeeding cover, as I was not confident about what I was doing, and I needed the towel lining to help with the spillage. From trying other options, I also decided that I needed to have something that would attach to my bra strap so that I knew that it would be secured, and I would not have to worry about it falling off or bub tugging it away. Whilst I wanted discretion, I was conscious that I only needed a small amount of it – I did not want to sit under a big cumbersome sheet of fabric that was going to make both bub and I hot and uncomfortable.

smylyn bubby covers

I wanted to share this story to share the fact that I went through the same eye-opening learning journey that I am sure that many new mums go through and I wanted to share not only my creation (in case you are looking for the same solutions) but also to let you know that sticking with it is so worth it. I breastfed both of my daughters and whilst both experiences were challenging, they were more than worth it. I am so thankful that I have been able to bond with my daughters in this way and provide them with this healthy start to their lives.

I hope that you enjoy your breastfeeding adventures too – squirts and all!

Lisa Collis
Smylyn Bubby Covers 


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