5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System this Winter

boost your child's immune system

Today we have Nursery Collective Eco Mama & Wellness Coach Sig Chapman sharing her top tips on how to boost your child’s immune system this winter, naturally! 

Winter isn’t coming – it’s here. Having a sick kid really isn’t fun and on top of that can impact the wellbeing of the whole family. So, what can you do to combat the germs coming in from day-care, kinder and school, and boost your child’s immune system this winter?

The good news is that there are some simple and natural ways to help boost immunity and help them stay healthy in the cold and flu season, so if they do get hit with any nasty bugs, it doesn’t linger and they recover quickly. These are my secrets to increase immunity, keeping my kids healthy during winter.Continue Reading →

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The Benefits of Amber for Teething

The Benefits of Amber for Teething

With Kirsten from Amberocks

In today's blog post we are exploring the many benefits of Amber and how it can assist not only with teething but many other conditions for babies, children and adults. Back when I was pregnant with my son, a close friend sent me a baltic amber necklace as a gift. Maxi wore it on and off from the time he started teething until all his teeth came in, and I definitely noticed a difference in his temperament when he wasn't wearing it!

Benefits of Amber for Teething

Being a nervous first time mum, I used to take it off at night and tie it around his ankle instead, just to be safe. My daughter on the other hand wore hers around her neck 24/7 until well after all her teeth came in! I'm a big believe in natural therapies and loved using amber for both my kids - I truly felt it made a difference to their teething journeys! And how gorgeous did they look wearing them? (biased mum I know!)

Toddler boy wearing amber
Maxi 13mths

amber necklace
Maxi 9mths










baby girl wearing amber teething necklace
Halle 10mths

toddler girl wearing amber
Halle 2yrs










So today I've invited the lovely Kirsten from AMBEROCKS to join us on the blog - read below as we quiz her all about amber, her business and the often discussed safety issues that arise around amber jewellery and babies.

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