Upper Dhali Handcrafted Dolls

Upper Dhali Handcrafted Dolls

Imagine an art doll as a reflection of your special someone, special moments & memories. A unique piece of art that tells a magical story..... YOUR STORY.
Handcrafted by doll designer Lou Peters in her home studio in Brisbane Australia, each keepsake doll features refined hand embroidery & impeccable craftsmanship.
They are like sisters, the same but different. No two are the same, they are uniquely yours.

Why the name Upper Dhali?

"The Upper Dhali story began when I would listen to my beautiful daughter when she was a little girl, singing "Upper Dhali in da guy" instead of "up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky” - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
It was our favorite song, & with our warmhearted memories, it was always going to be a heartfelt phrase that stayed within the family forever.
Then, when our beloved Nana passed away in May 2012, I carefully explained the happenings of death and how we would remember our Nana.
We decided she was in heaven and was creating rainbows during the day and dancing with the stars at night.
The name "Upper Dhali" was a perfect fit.
Born collectively through three generations of women in my family, the name "Upper Dhali" is now about memories, emotion and sentiment" xx Lou

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Available Dolls/Items

All the currently available bespoke dolls and watercolour prints exclusively created from original images captured from a selection of Upper Dhali keepsake dolls.

Bespoke Services

Your opportunity to work closely with Lou to create a timeless & personalised keepsake. The Upper Dhali Bespoke Service - your own piece of magic. Click below to book in for your free consultation.

Limited Editions

The Limited Edition collection is an enchanting assortment of collector keepsake dolls designed and inspired by favorite memories & places.