Smylyn Bubby Covers

Smylyn Bubby Covers

Introducing Smylyn Bubby Covers – the latest innovation for breastfeeding mums!

Are you looking for a breastfeeding cover that doesn’t make you and your little one hot and sweaty, providing discretion without you feeling like you’re covered in a big sheet? Smylyn Bubby Covers are a new innovative product that provides all of that and more.

Smylyn Bubby Covers are:
- Unique in design, simply attach to your bra strap!
- Small enough in size to conveniently roll up and store in your bag
- Perfect for preventing baby sweat rash (keeping you cooler too!)
- Ideal for helping to protect from spillage leaks
- Innovative and handy, doubling up as a feeding burp cloth with it's unique towel lining, which means one less thing to carry around!

Smylyn Bubby covers were created by Australian Mum Lisa, who wanted a small piece of discrete cover while breastfeeding that wasn’t going to be too hot for herself or her little ones. She was also conscious of needing to manage spillage and providing a barrier between her skin and her daughter’s skin to prevent any sweat rash. Taking all of those things into account, she created the Smylyn Bubby covers, a unique solution and first for breastfeeding mums that you won't find anywhere else!


How the Smylyn Bubby Covers work:


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Available in a range of stylish designs

Burp Cloth

Turns into the perfect burp cloth!

Use as Bib!

Smylyn Covers can also be used as bibs

Use as Comforter

Soft enough to use as a comforter for bub

Need some shade?

Just the right amount of shade for your little one!

Fun Colours

Colours and designs to suit every taste

Innovative Design

The only breastfeeding cover with it’s own towel lining that simply attaches to your bra strap!

Newborn blanket

Use as a cover for your newborn while out and about!

Easy to Store

Small enough to pack away easily in your handbag or nappy bag