SKIP & Ted Studio

SKIP & Ted Studio

Two sisters + One Creative Adventure!
Sophie is our very talented watercolour artist, with a background in graphic design and marketing she is everything CREATIVE. Her most recent creation and no doubt ultimate MASTER PIECE is a little bubby due to be completed April 2017. Olivia is our MASTER in everything organisation and behind the scenes business (and usually our instagram voice). Olivia has a 2.5 year SASSY daughter and a 1 year old HAPPY son to keep her busy.

Why SKIP & TED? Well the name comes from our favourite childhood toys. One a Kangaroo called Skipalong (Skippy for short), and one a Teddy called... Ted!


All of our prints are created from Sophie’s original watercolour drawings, we then add custom details, according to your wishes, names or quotes, for example, and then they are ready to come to life.
We do all of our own printing on our very fancy (and big) inkjet printer, we call Edith. Edith is equipped with high quality vibrant inks and paired with archival, thick textured paper our prints are top quality art works. No bulk print runs here, each print is created individually with love.
Our process is meticulous and hand made from start to finish. From the inks staining our hands to the walk around the block (via the coffee shop!) to the post office to send your parcels on their way. Our business is modest and humble and we are so honoured when we get to share our beautiful artwork prints with our lovely customers.
We would love to hear any print suggestions or feedback so please send us an email via our contact page, or follow our adventures on instagram or facebook.

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