Pregnancy Parlour

Pregnancy Parlour

Pregnancy Parlour focuses on ensuring your pregnancy and the stages after birth are comfortable in mind body and soul. Here you will find helpful links, advice, conversations and products to support you through your pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Parlour shop stocks the unique Thirsty Bunny Bottle (BPA free and eco-friendly) and as well as other goodies for a mum or mum-to-be!

Pregnancy Parlour is run by Mum Melanie, whose dream is to become a midwife, doula, pregnancy and post-partum support person. You can follow her TTC journey on Instagram and Facebook:

My name is Melanie and I am a mum of one beautiful daughter and am well and truly in the stages of trying to conceive number 2 with a lot of hurdles this time round as you will see and go through with me on Instagram and Facebook. I am a partner to a FIFO Marine Engineer with a month on month off roster, this suits our lifestyle just fine apart from our TTC stage. This website engages my absolute passion and as it is mainly just a hobby at this stage I would hope to take it further in the future.  Hopefully I can bring my knowledge to this website and assist and direct you on your journey.

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