The Parents Village

The Parents Village

Because it takes a village to raise a parent

As professionals and mothers we understand that every baby, parent and family is unique. Becoming a parent is about so much more than giving birth and taking care of your newborn. It’s about birthing and raising parents too.

We know that it’s hard to raise a child without a community or village around for support. That’s where we want to step in.

The Parents Village is a hub for all new parents and parents to be. Through our holistic prenatal and postnatal services we will:

  • Help you work through the multitude of feelings, expectations and transformations that naturally come with this new role and identity.
  • Empower you as caregivers with the skills, support networks, strategies and resources to gently navigate through this new experience of parenting.
  • Increase your insight and conscious connection with yourself and your baby, your partner, family and friends and other like-minded expectant parents.
  • Assist in identifying your key priorities and needs as expectant and new parents

We dreamt of a safe place, a “village centre” of sorts where all new and expectant parents could come together to connect, support, prepare and empower each other while embracing all the trials and tribulations that come with parenthood.
- Kirsty & Lana (founders) -

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