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Parent TV

Introducing ParentTV - Expert Parenting Advice at Your Fingertips!

Parent TV brings you parenting support and advice delivered via video stream from a fantastic team of credible parenting experts. Being a parent means making many decisions, every single day and lets admit it, often we end up just winging it. Sometimes what we need is expert advice, someone to help us make the right decisions.

That's where ParentTV comes in with a team of trusted parenting experts in the areas of health, technology, behaviour and everything in between. The team includes Maggie Dent, Dr Kristy Goodwin, Dr Justin Coulson, Pinky McKay among others. Access informative and insightful videos from the ParentTV specialists to answer just about every parenting question you could ever ask!

Each ParentTV video is:

- Quick and east to digest (2-5mins)
- Clear, concise and focused on solutions
- Highly relevant with topics tailored to your needs
- in accessible language

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The videos on ParentTV cover a range of topics including mental health, physical health and diet, social skills, behaviour, learning and technology, sleep, family dynamics, sex ed, and more. Create a profile for your family and children and have video content curated for your situation. New videos are added monthly and you can submit your own questions to the expert panel too. You can also access parenting courses to delve deeper into certain topics, again delivered in easy to digest videos.

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