Ethical - Fair - Sustainable

Modimade is an independent enterprise supporting  Cambodian communities as they empower themselves through trade and design partnerships. It’s about connecting with Cambodian artisans and supporting businesses that are creating ethical & fair employment by providing an ave to purchase their products.

Modimade was founded by a mother and teacher living in the Blue Mountains, Australia, whose passion for Cambodia and education began over 12 years ago after spending time living and volunteering in a rural Cambodian village.
“I love sharing my passion for sustainable development and quality education. Every time I return to Cambodia I see the positive effects that these two single elements can have on individuals. I feel my experiences add a personal essence to Modimade and the support we provide. Modimade enables me to continue a proactive role in supporting development in Cambodia.”  
Anna, Founder

The creation of every unique product in the range enriches the lives of the people who made it, providing them with the fair employment and opportunities needed to stay out of sweat shops, off the streets, and away from the threats of trafficking. Simply by including unique little features like garment tags signed by their creator, Modimade connects you with the people who make each product.

When you shop with Modimade, you know that your purchase is making a difference. The range includes Baby/Kids Toys & Clothes (featured here), Womens Clothing/Bags/Jewellery and Homewares

*images sourced from Modimade and their trading partners

Patchwork Ball Toy

Modimade Baby Bag

Teddy Mobile