Lets face it, being a new mum is tough! Especially in the early days when you are physically exhausted from child birth, sleep deprivation and constant feeding. It's hard to get comfortable and support your baby when you're tired and sore! That's why we created Mamma-pillo!

Mamma-pillo offers a range of beautiful handmade wearable nursing/feeding support pillows that are perfect for both Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding. Created by an Australian mum, the Mamma-pillo is super easy to use, just slip on your arm and you are ready to go.
• Each pillow is hand-fitted with plush durable ultra soft cushioning to provide maximum comfort for mum and bub.
• Mamma-pillo gently supports babies head and neck during feeding. The padding also helps prop up baby during feeding which can help with reflux and regurgitation.
• Mamma-pillo makes feeds more comfortable for mum as it relieves neck and arm strain.
• Super easy to clean with its unique interchangeable and fully removable covers, liners and cushions.
• Ultra light weight and super compact for feeding on the go, simply squash and slip into your bag and you are all set to go.

Mum's all over the world love Mamma-pillo and we know you will too. Join the Mamma-pillo feeding revolution today!

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