Kooshy Kids

Kooshy Kids

Kooshy Kids - Making Family Travel Kooshy!

Introducing the 100% Australian owned Kooshy Kids Kooshion - taking the stress out of family travel with little ones! This kooshion creates a flat, flexible space for you and your children to enjoy as a bed or a place to stretch out while travelling. Simply place on the floor between your child's seat and the seat in front, and inflate to the desired height!

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion comes with its own free waterproof drawstring backpack in three colours and fully inflate measures: 60cm x 38cm x 44cm and weighs 770 grams. The waterproof drawstring backpack that comes with the Kooshion measures 30cm x 40cm. The hand pump measures 30cm x 10cm x 10cm and weighs 230 grams. The battery operated air pump weighs 300 grams or 700 grams with batteries inserted. (NOTE: Batteries must be purchased separately).

The Kooshion can be used up to 6 years of age lying flat, depending on the height of your child. Adults and taller kids can use as a leg or footrest, and it can also be inflated so that only the lower chamber inflates - perfect for improving circulation and avoiding DVT. It's also a great solution for parents with little ones under 2 who don't have their own seat, creating a larger flat space. Maximum weight per cushion is 110kg.

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There are now over 50 airlines allowing use of the Kooshion during flight under the following conditions:

It is not used in an exit row
It does not block the way for other passengers
It is not inflated during take off or landing (or when seat belt sign is on)
The child's seatbelt is fastened at all times (you can request an infant extender belt to help with this).
Always follow the crew's instructions - especially when you are asked to deflate when landing or during turbulence as this is a safety requirement.
*other conditions of use may apply. Please check these conditions with your airline.

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Kooshy Kids Kooshion $59.95

On the Go Parent Backpack $89.95

Nappy Wallet (Change Mat) $34.95