First in Breast Dressed

First In Breast Dressed

First in Breast Dressed is a one stop breastfeeding shop for nursing mamas.

With a specific focus on breast health and the motherhood journey, First in Breast Dressed showcases the latest Breastfeeding related articles as well as personal experiences on the blog. First in Breast Dressed is run by mum of two Jessica who had completely contrasting breastfeeding journeys with both her boys. She is passionate about perinatal mental health and First in Breast Dressed was born out of her own passion to debrief and connect with others who might be struggling with breastfeeding and motherhood.

 "To live, talk and breathe breastfeeding is really only helpful if the families you connect with are breastfeeding themselves! I want to connect with you! The breastfeeding mothers, supportive partners and amazing friends. From the research one message struck a cord more than all the others combine. I urge you to seek early intervention. If your intuition speaks to you, trust it! Mumma intuition is the third greatest gift we birth as Mums, the first two being our babies and our placenta (that organ is amazing, is it not?!) Ask the questions and seek the help. I would love to connect with you! I am a physiotherapist by trade, and a Mum. Anything I do not know I will have a contact to refer you to! I love to chat, especially about all things boobs! Drop me a line, a suggestion for the shop, a topic for the blog, a friendly hi or a pat on the back (chocolates also accepted). If there is an area I haven’t yet researched, I have a long list of awesome mentors to point you towards." - Jessica McCarroll

The First in Breast Dressed shop has all your nursing accessory needs in one place. Whether it be a feeding pillow, nursing jewellery, lactation tea or a nursing bra, you'll find all your needs here.

Supporting Mumkind, one feed at a time.

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Snug Jugs

Nurse in style with this beautiful breastfeeding friendly dress / nightie. In four gorgeous designs everyone will be checking out your Snug Jugs!

Breastfeeding Teas

Breastfeeding Teas

Beautifully soothing breastfeeding tea by Art of Tea. Containing lactogenic ingredients to promote milk production naturally and soothes both nursing mothers and babies

Breastfeeding Essentials

Nursing bras, breastpads, breast pumps, nipple cream, ice pads and so much more!

Feeding Friend

This self inflating pillow only takes 15 seconds to inflate when you’re feeding out and about. Suitable for bottle and breastfeeding and for a variety of age groups due to its unique wedge shaped design.