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Fi Morrison Resident Mama Blogger The Nursery Collective

Meet Fi Morrison from Mumma Morrison, our Nursery Collective Resident Mama Blogger!

Fi Morrison is the face behind the blog Mumma Morrison, and she is a first-time Mum to son "Starfish" and part-time Primary School Teacher. She created her blog for busy, sleep deprived, slightly-overwhelmed first-time mums, to help them to thrive (rather than just survive) in motherhood!

She's also a Community Champion for  PANDA – an organisation that aims to support mums (and dads) going through Postnatal Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis.

"I am a tea-addict, chronic over-sharer, lover of chocolate, Netflixer-binger-er, and in a previous life I enjoyed reading (when there used to be TIME). As a first-time mum who went through some struggles in the early days of motherhood, I’m super passionate about helping other mums in the early days and months too. I hope that by sharing a bit of my story, and some products that we absolutely love, it’ll help your day-to-day life as a mother." 

Fi Mumma Morrison

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