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Bubnest was designed to make life easier for new parents and their bubs.

Bubnest was founded by mum Astrid in 2015, out of a desire to help new parents cope and make that start to life even more magical. Bubnest can be used anywhere the bub is resting. Having their own nest, their own place to rest will help them settle easier, as they will quickly recognise the smell and feel of their nest. They like to call them baby whisperers.

There are three sizes for the single Bubnest with different length inner mattresses: Mini approx 60cm, Regular approx 70cm, Maxi approx 80cm. All sizes are 26cm wide and the edges are approximately 10cm in diameter. The twin size is approx 56 cm wide and 70cm tall.

The Bubnest can be used for as long as the bub likes it! Some bubs stop using the Bubnest when they start rolling, others use it for years. The Bubnest is most useful between 0-8 months. Start using the Bubnest tied up and when bub grows taller untie at the bottom.
Owner Astrid is also passionate about contributing to an equal society, and the Bubnest team schedule their work around their lives - working while caring for children and being there for school and childcare drop-offs and pick-ups.
"We are Bubnest. We are here to give every bub the best possible start in life.  We are here to make life easier for new parents. We are here to make a difference; we are here to contribute to the world in a positive way and with gratitude. We value, enable and empower people to be the best that they can be. We are here to spread ease, compassion, love and joy. We are here to grow support for local, fair trade and organic products. We are here to make the beginning of life even more magical than it already is." - Bubnest

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Björn, meaning bear – a nest for the wildest bubs.

Bubnest Druva


Druva, meaning Grape. Perfect for your baby girl!

Prästkrage Mustard

“Prästkrage” means daisy, a gender neutral design

Bubnest Liners

Bubnest Liners

Bubnest liner is one size fits all. It covers the whole mattress in the mini, and head and bum area in the maxi. Perfect for keeping your nest clean.

Muslin Wrap by Bubnest

Bubnest Wrap

Soft baby muslin wrap made from 100% certified organic cotton, 120cm x 120cm. Swaddle bub for a comfortable, secure and restful sleep.

Bubnest Gift Card

Gift Card

This is the perfect one if you are shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them. Give them the gift of choice with a Bubnest gift card.