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Baby Loves Sleep at The Nursery Collective

Baby Loves Sleep helps transition your baby easily from swaddling!

Introducing the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit, the safe alternative to the swaddle wrap when swaddling your baby no longer works.

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has been designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing the enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy, transitioning babies from the swaddle wrap to full arm movement. It's the only sleep suit that doesn't restrict your babies arms to any one position, yet offers the same secure comfort of a swaddle wrap. It helps babies cope better with the 'startle reflex' and assists them in sleeping better and longer, giving them the much needed sleep they require to develop.

Baby Loves Sleep also provide solutions for newborn babies and older toddlers who are ready to transition from a fully enclosed sleep suit. Take a look at the demonstration below of the new KOALA HUGS Newborn Swaddle and if you have an older baby you can view the HANDS IN & OUT sleep suit further down on the page!

What Mums Are Saying
"At 7 months my baby was impossible to transition out of his swaddle. A friend suggested sleepy hugs and we haven't looked back. It's amazing! Pat loves his sleepy hugs " - Erica Jade Bell, NSW
"One of the biggest differences I find in your sleep suit versus the others is that breastfeeding is a lot easier, as baby can still wrap their body around you and maintain a more natural position.  Wish it had been around for my other two kiddies! Thanks again for a great product!" - Bronwyn Spencer, SA

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Newborn Swaddle - Koala Hugs

Koala Hugs - Minty Bears

The Koala Hugs wrap cocoons your baby’s arms in hidden pockets to gently calm their startle reflex and prevent tiny hands from escaping the wrap. Koala Hugs makes it simple for anyone, including first-time parents, to wrap a perfectly inescapable wrap for sleep time.

Newborn Swaddle Wrap by Baby Loves Sleep

Koala Hugs - Daintree

The Koala Hugs is an essential hospital bag item and the perfect gift for a new parent. Created from soft, breathable cotton and generously sized (120cm by 120cm), the amazing bold prints and colours make a style statement and will keep you look stylishly cool and your baby snug.

Sleepy Hugs Neon Rain Clouds

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has fully enclosed arms to prevent scratching, great for eczema. The wide-sack design makes it hip-friendly, fits a hip dysplasia brace. Top zipper cover to protect delicate skin + a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes. XS (0-12 wks), S(3-6 mths), M (6-12 mths), L (12+ mths)

Newborn Sleepy Hugs XO

An alternative for newborns that don’t like to be swaddled, the SLEEPY HUGS is designed to calm your babies startle reflex without restricting their arms to one position.For ages 0-3 mths, 3 – 6 kg. The length of the sleep suit (from neck down) is approx. 56cm.

hands in out minty bear

Hands IN & OUT Minty Bear

The HANDS IN & OUT sleep suit is designed for older babies who are ready to transition from a fully enclosed sleep suit. With all the best loved features of the original SLEEPY HUGS, this sleep suit also features unique fold-over cuffs allowing baby hands freedom of movement.

Cozy Toddler Island Dreams

Cozy Toddler Island Dreams

The COZY TODDLER SUIT will help your excitable toddler enjoy a calm, deep sleep, featuring the same fold over cuffs of the HANDS IN & OUT with harem style legs with fold over cuffs for feet. Includes full length opening zipper and is ONE SIZE to fit ages 1-3+