Ava & Lola Organics

Ava & Lola Organics

Established in 2016, Ava & Lola Organics is a website for mums, and is owned by two mums with two girls (Ava & Lola) that were born on the same day in 2 different countries!

Ava & Lola Organics is all about a natural approach to your child's health, care and wellbeing. You can find beautiful organic gift boxes, and safe products for Mum and Baby on the site.

"We started on an additive and preservative free journey at the beginning of 2016 and found out about the astounding number of chemicals we put into and onto our bodies on a daily basis. We wanted to share and grow our knowledge of additive, preservative and organic living and are very passionate about using natural and organic products with our children."

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