Feeding Friend Nursing Pillow – By First In Breast Dressed



Revolutionising the nursing pillow! This uniquely shaped self inflating little pillow lends itself to just pack and go! 15 seconds to inflate when you’re feeding out and about. Suitable for bottle and breastfeeding and for a variety of age groups due to its unique wedge shaped design.

Designed in Western Australia by a busy Mum, who was just not able to find a nursing pillow to suit her lifestyle. This product is self inflating and then compresses to be easily stored in the bottom of the pram or nappy bag.

Simply undo the valve to inflate, and release the valve to squeeze out the air after use. It features a beautiful velvety cover, which is removable and machine washable. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding in comfort has never been easier. As any good physio would tell you, bring the baby to the breast not the breast to the baby, and this nursing pillow allows you to do just that.

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