Personalised Height Chart: Growscroll Review by TNC Expert Mumma Morrison

Personalised Height Charts | Review by Fi Morrison

by Fi Morrison

I’ve always been a sentimental kind of person. The kind who keeps handwritten notes, dated photographs and small tokens of appreciation and love. To me, these things represent moments in time that I have cherished and want to hold onto for a lifetime. As a first-time mother, my sentimentality increased tenfold. I am always looking for ways to mark the moments of my son’s life so I can remember them for years to come (hence starting my own blog). Countless photographs have been taken; milestone cards, keepsakes and books have been used to document all the special occasions; even birthday cards have been kept as a reminder of these milestones. But it has only been recently that I’ve looked into personalised height charts as another token of my son’s childhood.

All these mementos have served as a vivid reminder that my son is growing up way too quickly. For example, my 14-month-old son recently started walking, which is obviously a huge milestone for every child. The second comment everyone makes about my son (after the initial, “oh my goodness, that’s amazing!!”) is, “wow, he looks so tall!”. To be honest, we hadn’t even noticed his height until now, because he has been crawling everywhere and it didn’t seem to be a big deal at the time. But now that he is walking around everywhere, I wanted to look into kids personalised height charts to add to my increasing list of mementos.

When we were introduced to the Growscroll from In these Moments (through The Nursery Collective), I was immediately drawn to its gorgeous design and the purpose behind it. The Growscroll has been created with sentimentality and practicality in mind – unlike other personalised height charts I’d seen - and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

Introducing the newest in Kids Personalised Height Charts: The Growscroll

Personalised Height Charts from In These Moments

The Growscroll from In These Moments is designed from canvas and Wood/Pine (Black, White or Jarrah), which is hand drilled, stained and varnished for a high-quality and aesthetic finish to the scroll. This elegant scroll has been created not only for the kids personalised height charts market, but as a staple décor piece that the whole family can enjoy. It opens up to 200 cm high so that every member in your family can measure their growth – and what a fun thing for the children to look at over the years (“Look, I’m growing closer to mummy’s height!”).


This growth chart can come with a Bic-Ultra Fine Marker and Medium Clear Hook (at a small extra expense), giving you all the tools you need to set up and start using the Growscroll in your home. I found the instructional video provided by In These Moments most beneficial in setting up our Growscroll (not something I have come across for other Kids Height Charts, that’s for sure!).

Now that my son is walking, I decided it was the perfect time to look into kids personalised height charts and start using the Growscroll.

Personalised Height Charts: Using The Growscroll

Firstly, I set aside about 10 minutes to put up the Growscroll in my son’s room. Although it is designed as a décor piece for a family space such as the living or dining area, for us practically the best space in our house was in my son’s room. Using the instructional video, I was able to easily put up the Growscroll up using a piece of masking tape (included in the kit) and a measuring tape – although I did get my husband to help with getting the height right as I am a bit short (so short people like me may need some assistance!). Within the 10 minutes we had it ready to go for our boy.

There were a few things that we noted when going to measure our son with the Growscroll:

• Toddlers are really difficult to measure!
• With the black of the markings and the numbers, I think a silver pen would stand out well - which I can pick up myself. I would also recommend using other colours for multiple children so they stand out on the canvas. The canvas of the scroll is a bit tricky to write on (even though my boy made a good effort at trying to do this when I wasn’t looking – adding to the memories!!).

Personalised Height Charts - Marking your childs height
• The Growscroll is incredibly durable and high-quality – just by feeling the wood and the canvas, I knew it would last my lifetime as well as my son’s (and any potential children in the future).
• The Growscroll isn’t secured at the bottom, so toddlers may enjoy picking the scroll up, and “playing” with it. I think I would have preferred the Growscroll to be a décor piece in a living space, although I’m sure our son would have still played with it there too!*

Personalised Height Charts - on wall
• I love that it is compact and easy to take down, roll up and pack away if necessary (for example for moving houses). Some kids personalised height charts I’ve seen (and we have received from family members) have been big, heavy pieces that are hard to carry and even harder to transport. The Growscroll is lightweight, portable and can be “installed” without drilling into walls!

Personalised Height Charts - Compact and Light

We absolutely love the Growscroll and are currently looking for places to put it in our living spaces to make it a staple, family piece in our home. Within the few, short weeks since we have received it, the Growscroll has already helped us create lasting memories – not only for measuring my son’s height, but in all the mayhem surrounding measuring a toddler! If you’re looking into Personalised Height Charts, the Growscroll will be the perfect keepsake for your family.

Personalised Height Charts with a wriggly toddler!

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*Note from In These Moments: "We have been thinking about this issue and suggest rolling up the Growscroll while on the wall when kids are at that “destroy everything age” - this can be done using a small loop of any twine/rope. We are currently looking into the best way to do this for our customers - see image below"

Personalised Height Charts - growscroll tied

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