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By Fi Morrison

This year is my very first Mother’s Day and I have to be honest, I’m pretty darn excited. Not completely for selfish reasons (although, which mum doesn’t like to have their ONE day of pampering a year?!). I am excited about celebrating almost a year of starting my motherhood journey, and spending time being loved and appreciated by my son (and husband). And as this is our one allocated day of the year to be a little bit spoilt, how can we not take this opportunity to find some amazing Mother’s Day gifts for ourselves (unless you are one of the lucky mums whose husband is a good gift giver… anyone?!). So if you’re looking to give hubby (and your kids) a nudge in the right direction, or find something for your own Mum, make sure you check out this brilliant range of gifts from our Mother’s Day Edit! - Love, Fi xxx


EIRESS : Famke Luxe Necklace + Matching Keyring

Most mums are used to wearing sweatpants and mum buns, making it hard for them to feel pretty (do we even have time for that anymore?!). Becoming a new mum has helped me to appreciate the accessories that we can add to our everyday attire to help us feel dolled up and special. Eiress has a gorgeous range of Famke necklaces, such as this stunning Famke Blueberry Luxe piece that will be the highlight of any mother’s outfit. I’ve been wearing it non stop and I absolutely LOVE it! The Eiress range of jewelry is a must-have for your mother’s day gift list as there is such a beautiful range of unique designs, with the added bonus of being safe around gummy bubs (although they are not a toy!).

Plus, if you’d like to add an extra special personal touch to your mother’s day gift this year, Eiress also offers personalized key rings that can match your necklaces. I got this gorgeous matching key ring for my Famke Blueberry Lux necklace (MM = Mumma Morrison!) that I just absolutely adore. Again it adds a bit of glam to a mother’s everyday accessories to help her feel gorgeous and special while running around after the little ones. An absolute must for any mother this Mother’s Day!

Link to Eiress at The Nursery Collective

MODIMADE : Trapeze Dress and Keang Top

Some mums are fashionistas; others are socially conscious – with Modimade, you can find a stunning combination of both. Modimade is an independent enterprise that supports the handy work of Cambodian artisans by stocking their eco friendly clothing. The clothes are created using remnant fabrics from factory left overs, and the garments with screen printing are printed by hand using water based inks. The Keang Top and Trapeze Dress I received are both gorgeous examples of the Modimade range, and I love the contrasting colours of the black fabric and the light screen printed designs.

As a new mum, I’ve been very conscious of my weight and I find myself getting frustrated that I have “nothing nice to wear”. What I absolutely love about the Modimade Keang Top and Trapeze dress is that I feel comfortable in the clothing. They are both flattering to my body type, they are stylish clothes to wear out and about (with the option of layering up with leggings and a cardi, or leaving as is for the warmer months), and I have peace of mind knowing that they are sustainable. If you’re looking for a unique, fashionable gift this Mother’s Day, Modimade is the brand for you.

Modimade are also offering all Nursery Collective customers an amazing 25% OFF the Trapeze dress, simply use the code TNCMUM to grab your discount! Offer valid until midnight Saturday May 13, 2017

Link to Modimade at The Nursery Collective


I have to admit, I’m one of THOSE mums – I love the idea of the matchy-matchy outfits with bub. Of course, this is a bit more difficult when you have a son. But I couldn’t get over how absolutely ADORABLE these baby beanies are from My Tiny Wardrobe, and what is absolutely the best is that now they are bringing out matching mother’s beanies too (apparently the lovely mumma Amy behind this biz loves some #twinning too!) She has designed these gorgeous, affordable beanies ($35 and Made in Australia) just in time for the cooler weather coming.

The beanies are 100% cotton, perfect for keeping our heads warm in winter. They come in 4 sizes, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-4 years and Adult (sizing is true to size). There are 6 colours to choose from as well: Charcoal Grey, Pale Grey, Cream, Deep Pink, Dusty Pink and Navy Blue. A lovely accessory for mum to enjoy in the lead up to the cold months – with or without #twinning.

Link to My Tiny Wardrobe at The Nursery Collective


You can never have too many accessories as a new mum, and one thing I have quickly learnt is the more variety in accessories, the better. I’ve started collecting a range of necklaces to dress up plain breastfeeding tops and clothes to help me feel good. When I saw the Plum Scandi Necklace by The Bub Designs, I was instantly drawn to the natural wooden beads (gorgeous colour and goes with lots of outfits!) and the lovely plum colour, which is a hit for Autumn this year. The Bub Designs offers a range of colours, with the Autumn collection including mustard, olive and maroon accents.

Again, while these aren’t a teething toy for children, bub won’t be hurt if they have a little chew on this necklace while you’re wearing it (better than any metal, dangly necklace you might wear!). I love that it can also compliment both casual and dressy outfits, such as this ensemble I recently wore to a wedding. Plus, made with silicone and raw beech wooden beads, they are easy to clean (with warm soapy water) and have a break away clasp meaning you baby can’t rip it from your neck. A great fashion accessory for all mums!

Link to The BUB Designs at The Nursery Collective



If you’re looking to pamper your mum (or yourself – you deserve it!) this Mother’s Day, this Pamper Box from Ava Lola Organics is the perfect solution. It contains a blissful combination of a Candle, Body Brush, Sweet Orange Bath Salts, Coffee Scrub, Charcoal, Paw Paw Lip Butter and Organza Pouch (filled with potpourri).

What I love about this Pamper Box is that it incorporates many elements of indulgence – the perfect arrangement for a mother’s relaxing bath-night, treating her skin and her sense of smell to delectable fragrances. Another intriguing element to this Pamper Box that I can’t get enough of is the charcoal. I love that it has a range of uses for mums so that it meets a variety of your care needs (teeth anyone?!). The Pamper Box gave me a night of pure relaxation with the bath salts and coffee scrub in the bath, followed by the body brush, charcoal and lip butter afterwards to add to the soft skin. Pure bliss!

Link to Ava Lola Organics at The Nursery Collective


Nothing says spoiling mum like a blissful pampering session, and how better to do that then dressed up as such. Lyn’s Label Organic Baby has a gorgeous organic cotton chenille robe that will make any mum feel like they’re at a luxury day spa. The best thing about Chenille (which I only just learnt!) is that it actually gets softer and softer with every wash, which will most likely beat all the clothes or robes mum might already have! The robe has also been designed with breastfeeding mums in mind, to keep them toasty warm during the middle of the night feeds in Winter.

I haven’t owned a proper robe before (I had a waffle robe for my wedding), but have worn them at day spas before. Having my own has really brought that luxury feeling into the space of my very own home. Particularly partnered up with some of the other pampering products like the scrubs and bath salts, wearing the robe before and after a relaxing bath really helped me to capture a bit of (much needed!) “me time” leading up to Mother’s Day.

SHOP Chenille Robes from Lyn’s Label Organic Baby HERE. The robes are currently on sale at 50% OFF (Down from $160 to $80) until the end of the month only. Hurry to claim this amazing deal! Link to Lyn's Label Organic Baby at The Nursery Collective.


I was initially intrigued when I came across the sugar scrubs by The Stamped Anchor. I have heard of coffee scrubs before, but not sugar scrubs. However, when I received the pouches of tiny, vibrant granules, I knew I was in for a treat. The Stamped Anchor team really know their stuff – they recommended particular scrubs for certain needs. For example, they recommended the Peppermint scrub for a pick-me-up during my morning shower, and the Lavender scrub to help me relax and unwind at the end of the day in my evening bath.

The sugar scrubs are combined with coconut oil to exfoliate the skin, leaving it silky smooth afterwards. I’ve been using the different scrubs (per my instructions!) day and night and my skin has been left glowing! Combined with the gorgeous, tropical colours, it will definitely brighten up any mother’s day.

SHOP Sugar Scrubs from The Stamped Anchor HERE – they have a 40% off discount running on their Sugar Scrubs (Code: MUMMASCRUB), so hurry now before it ends May 15th. Link to The Stamped Anchor at The Nursery Collective.

THE NATURAL GIFT BOX CO : Create Your Own Gift Box

I absolutely LOVED the concept of creating my own gift box for Mother’s Day. While the Natural Gift Box Co offers gift boxes targeted at the ‘mindful’, ‘movement’, and ‘me time’ mums, I loved being able to put together my own selection of goodies to receive. I am the type of gal who always sends links to my husband of what I want for birthdays and Christmas, so it’s nice to have to option of choosing my own presents. When creating my own gift box, I went with a selection similar to the “Mindful Mumma” gift Box – Coconut hand + body butter (yum!), an uplift organic bath soak (because baths in winter are divine!) and the 3x inspirational watercolour prints to add to my office space (which are stunning!). I then also added the Thrive by Nature Tea Sampler Pack, as I’m a bit of a tea fiend.

When I received the Gift Box I created, I was still super excited to receive my products (even though you’d think the surprise would have dampened it a bit!). The package was beautifully wrapped, and the goodies were nestled wonderfully inside. For a small box, it packs an amazing punch. I was pleasantly surprised by the generous supply of the bath soak and tea samplers (considering there are 9 of them), as well as the quality of the watercolour prints (on gorgeous stock card). If you are shopping for a mumma who likes to choose their own goodies (yourself maybe?), The Natural Gift Box Co is the way to go!

SHOP GIFT BOXES HERE (Including Create Your Own)
Link to The Natural Gift Box Co. at The Nursery Collective

AVIDIVA : Badger Body Balms

If you’re looking for an additional Mother’s Day gift, the Badger Balms from Avidiva are a great choice. They are natural and certified organic, containing essential oils to help calm the body naturally. Avidiva stocks two Badger Balms: The Lavender & Bergamot Sleep Balm, and the Aromatherapy Cheerful Mind Balm. These would be perfect to carry while travelling, particularly the sleep balm which comes in a travel tin. These balms use natural ingredients to help soothe the mind and body, and does not contain any nasty products. Each balm has particular fragrances to help calm the body in different ways. For example, the Cheerful Mind balm contains Lemon and Sweet Orange to uplift the mind, Spearmint to remove bad thoughts, and Ylang Ylang as a pleasant, floral aroma.

These balms would be the perfect gift for mums who need help to unwind before bedtime (um… like all mothers?!), or some motivation in the morning to start the day. The Badger Balms also have the added bonus of being 100% natural, making them safe for the whole family too. Give a mother the gift of relaxation or a “cheerful mind” this Mother’s Day.

Link to Avidiva at The Nursery Collective



Pieces of Happiness create stunning handmade letters for both mums and bubs. The gorgeous owner of this business incorporates soft fabric and padding into the letters, coupled with sturdy edges, to make them durable. They measure 22cm x 16cm, making them bold enough to stand out in any space without being overstated. Depending on your styling, they would make a dramatic feature item in your room or an understated décor piece.

While these letters would make an amazing centerpiece for a child’s nursery, they are also the perfect gift for the stylist mumma wanting to design her own space. For the business mum, these letters would make a great office feature. For the stay at home mum, they would be a beautiful highlight for her bedroom. These letters would even brighten up the everyday family space as a reminder to your mum of the thoughtful gift she'd received for Mother’s Day. You could also purchase a range of letters to spell out a name and hang them in your preferred space.

Link to Pieces of Happiness at The Nursery Collective

MILK MAMA: Munch & Smoothie Mixes

What better gift could you give a mum this Mother’s Day than something that both tastes delicious and is beneficial. If you are looking for a gift for a breastfeeding mum, the Munch and Smoothie mixes by Milk Mama are a perfect gift. The use of natural ingredients (for example, the flaxseed and fenugreek found in a lot of lactation mixes) helps the body to boost milk supply over the course of a few days. The Munch and Smoothie mixes are great because they are easy to use/consume (the munch mix is all ready to go!), and also boost the milk supply (I did a review on the Milk Mama Smoothie Mixes a couple of months ago HERE).

I started adding the munch mix to my morning cereal, but it works as a garnish for any type of dish – smoothies, salads, pasta or curries (the flavours would actually work quite well with a curry!). It is mostly organic desiccated coconut, and tastes amazing. There are instructions for the amount to use and how often to take it to boost the milk supply, which I found helpful when I was having it. The munch and smoothie mixes are a great alternative to the common ‘lactation cookie’ mixes, and would be great for healthy/fit breastfeeding mummas this Mother’s Day!

Link to Milk Mama at The Nursery Collective


If you’re looking for something outside of the box for Mother’s Day, why not check out The ToDo Game over at Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove? It will give a lucky mumma the gift of family time (which I know as a new mum means a lot to me!), opening up the doors for creativity, fun, and insightful conversations. Plus, the ToDo game has the added bonus of being educational for the kids, so it really is a WIN-WIN. Such a great gift for the fun-loving, time-oriented mum this Mother’s Day.

Link to Grandad Pat's Treasure Trove at The Nursery Collective


ABBY ST. CLAIRE: Merino Chunky Knit Blanket

If you’re looking for another Mother’s Day gift that will be perfect for mum in the lead up to Winter, this Woolly Mammoth Merino Blanket by Abby St. Claire is the gift for you. Measuring 100 x 110cm, these blankets are made from locally sourced Australian Merino Wool (so unbelievably soft and luxurious!). You can purchase them in a range of colours, including Navy, Light Grey, Pale Blue, Pink, Natural and Oatmeal (custom colours may be possible, but you’d need to have a chat with the business owner).

These blankets are currently made to order so have a turn-around time of 2-3 weeks (well worth it as a late Mother’s Day present with their gorgeous design and quality!).  While the Merino Blanket looks cuddly and comfortable, heavy use isn’t advisable due to possible pilling of the wool. The Merino Blanket makes a stunning decorative piece – so if you are shopping for a stylist mumma, be sure to add this blanket to your list.

Link to Abby St. Claire at The Nursery Collective


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