How To Create The Perfect Nursery

How To Create The Perfect Nursery

by Yvonne K from The Styled Spot

Today we're talking about how to create the perfect nursery! Designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of nesting and welcoming your little one to the world! It certainly was for me – I just loved the entire process. The lovely Yvonne K, Interior Decorator from The Styled Spot, shares her key tips in creating the perfect nursery space.

How to Create the Perfect Nursery

As a new mum (and a second-time mum!) I see designing a nursery room from two different perspectives - the first being as a brand-new room starting from scratch, and the second partially utilising hand me down items for a second/third baby.

Here are my best tips and tricks to tackle both options.

How to Create The Perfect Nursery: A Brand New Nursery

My main recommendation would be to buy larger furniture pieces that are neutral. Why? Well trends change and your tastes also change over time. Choosing neutral pieces means you are not stuck with big pieces of furniture that are difficult and expensive to change. Also, some pieces can transition to your child’s toddler room like a chest of drawers or a side table.

Invest in a neutral cot, a neutral chest of drawers - and from this base point you can bring in pops of colour and your style through accessories. The list or potential accessories is endless - pillows, throws, bed linen, lamps, wall art, toys, stuffed toys (I could go on for days).

When having your first baby, all the things you think you need to buy can be overwhelming. Start with the essentials - cot, drawers/storage and personally I needed a nursing chair. Once you have the necessary items you can then look to see what is left in your budget to buy the extras - rugs, artwork, lamp, canopy, teepee, decorative shelves…the list is endless!


Think about how you can maximise space, and be creative! For example, look at buying a chest of drawers that doubles as a change table (saving space and money). Invest in a lamp for feeding that is dim enough not to disturb a sleeping baby, yet will give enough light to allow you administer any medicine if necessary, look at bottle measurements and so forth.

Here are a few of my favourite nursery décor pieces to add that unique flair to your baby’s room (all also available in more gender neutral/boy colours):

Portable bed - Bubsnest. I used this product and it was buy far one of the best pieces for a newborn. I used it in her cot, pram, on the go, at people’s places as a safe place for her to sleep.



Felt mobile- Baby Jones Designs. This neutral mobile is perfect for a gender neutral nursery or either a girls or boys room.


Personalised letter - Pieces of Happiness. A personalised item gives any nursery a special touch.


Lotus flower heart play mat- Le Coco Archie. Not only are these play mats practical but they add the perfect touch of colour to a nursery!

heart playmat

Teepee - Cattywampus. Teepees are perfect for setting up a little play/reading nook as your little one grows up – a special place for them to let their imagination grow!


How to Create the Perfect Nursery: Utilising Hand me downs

Often with the arrival of a second/third bub certain items are passed down. In my case it was the cot, nursing chair and chest of drawers. Have a look at my mood board to see how I reinvented the room. I didn’t want to walk into the room and feel like Georgia had all her sisters’ old things nor did I want to spend the money on larger items I already had.

Here I used artwork as the hero and colour inspiration for the room, along with a new rug, new bed linen and wall shelves to complete the look. Now I walk in and that artwork puts a smile on my face, her room has a completely new look and feel and no one would ever know there are three large items that were hand me downs.


Shop the look

Floral Artwork
Glider (nursing chair
Chunky Knit Throw
Chest of drawers
Belly basket
Side table
Bunny artwork
Swan animal head
Gold star drop
Pink velvet pillow
Leather strap shelf

Happy Decorating and enjoy this special time designing your nursery!

Yvonne K (pictured below with her two gorgeous daughters Zoe & Georgia!)
Interior Decorator , The Styled Spot

yvonne zoeandgeorgia

Thank you Yvonne! Both my kids used the same cot, change table and drawers which were all white and neutral and easy to redecorate from being in a boy’s nursery to a girl’s nursery. I love the suggestion of choosing one key accessory or decorative item to draw inspiration from for the rest of the room.

You can get in touch with Yvonne here:


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