Five Ways to Make Childhood Memories Your Children Will Remember!

Top Ways to Make Childhood Memories | The Nursery Collective

by Catherine Nelson-Williams

As a parent in an increasingly faster paced world, I often find myself struggling to find ways to make childhood memories with my kids that are truly meaningful.  I see a lot of other parents around me doing the same. Suddenly as parents, we find ourselves overdoing it to try and “make memories” - like trying to get the perfect family holiday photo so we can pop it on Facebook or Instagram (c’mon admit it, we all do this), and stressing out when our kids won’t co-operate. Or going a little crazy trying to fit in “memory making activities” by doing activities or visiting attractions we can’t even guarantee our kids will even remember.

See the thing is, memories don’t actually have to be made. Memories just ARE.

We can’t choose what our kids actually remember, just as our parents couldn’t choose what we remember from our own childhood. Most kids can’t remember much before the age of 3. If you think about your own childhood memories, you’ll probably remember feelings and moments, times you spent with your family, funny stories and events, right? 

Instead of getting frustrated (or putting too much pressure on your kids) about those perfect photo opportunities, try to simply focus on being in the moment with your children. There are some super simple ways to make meaningful childhood memories that your kids will actually remember and cherish as they get older, that are stress free for everyone!

Five Ways to Make Childhood Memories Your Children Will Remember!

5 Ways to Make Childhood Memories | The Nursery Collective

1. Make Childhood Memories… by introducing special family rituals like measuring your kids growth!

Measure Your Childs Height Yearly

I still remember the house I grew up in, and the wall that had our yearly height measurements scribbled in various pens and colours. My sister and I LOVED that ritual which we did every Christmas, and we always got a thrill out of seeing our parents draw on the walls which we knew was a big no-no at any other time of the year! It was one of the saddest things to leave behind when our family moved house during our teens. This simple ritual is such a lovely way to record these childhood milestones, and with Christmas just around the corner, why not start this year with your family?

These days there are many other options besides writing on your walls. We love the new Australian made Growscroll Growth Charts  from In These Moments , especially the fact that they are super mobile and easy to move – perfect for families who have to move regularly, or for those who prefer not to draw on the walls, or who might be renting. The height charts are lightweight, portable and easily installed without any drilling required! They can also be personalized for your family which is a sentimental touch that I love. I also love that this small business was created out of a passion for family with the main aim being to help busy parents reflect on special moments as often as possible. Why not start measuring your family this year (Christmas is the perfect time to start!) and start creating some beautiful memories with your kids at the same time!

Growscroll Growth Charts to Measure Your Childs Height
{Read our review of the Growscroll Growth Charts by Nursery Collective expert and blogger Fi Morrison}

2. Make Childhood Memories…by letting your kids get behind the camera!

The other day I was scrolling through some photos on our iPad and I found a whole host of hilarious photos and videos my kids had taken on their own. I love that technology allows them to express themselves this way and I can see how much joy they get out of being creative and getting behind the camera! They were truly being themselves and not trying to pose for the perfect picture, and actually the photos they took of each other were great and captured their personalities beautifully. When I asked them about the photos and videos their little faces lit up and my littlest piped up “that was the best day ever Mummy”! So why not let your kids get behind the camera to create some fun childhood memories of their own?

Make Childhood Memories by letting your kids get behind the camera

One way to keep and save these special photos is through these fabulous Acrylic Photo Blocks. These photo blocks are a contemporary version of the traditional photo frame and can also be personalized with your own message. A great way to make your kids’ special photos pop, and they’ll be so proud to see their photos displayed in such a gorgeous way! (And they’re also perfect for those special birth photos that you’ll want to remember!)

Photo Blocks | In These Moments

Why not get your kids to take a photo of their Dad for Father’s Day, or of each other for special Christmas gifts? This is such a fun way for your kids to make childhood memories, give it a try and let your kids take some photos!

3. Make Childhood Memories Daily…through their lunchboxes!

Make Childhood Memories by leaving notes in your kids lunchboxes

My mum used to sometimes write little notes to me in my lunchbox and it’s a childhood memory that always stays with me! There were days at school where I might have been having a tough time, and I’d open my lunchbox to see a little love note from my Mum and it would bring a big smile to my face and I’d almost feel her arms wrapped around me. My kids love it when I do the same, their favourite is when I draw silly faces on peelable fruit like bananas or mandarins. I have a friend who does super cute cartoons of her daughter on napkins. It’s such a quick and easy thing to do and trust me your kids will love it! I don’t have time (and I’m sure most Mums are the same!) to cut out sandwiches in special shapes or create vegetable animals that are Instagram photo worthy – but a little note or drawing is a simple little exercise that only takes a few minutes, but that will create memories your kids will remember in years to come!

4. Make Childhood Memories….by saying Yes!

Have a Yes Day with your kids!

If you’re a Mum on Facebook, no doubt you will have seen the viral video doing the rounds recently where a Mum decided she was going to have a week of only saying Yes to her kids. Personally, I don’t think I could do a whole week (it would drive my OCD a little batty!) but I love the idea of having the occasional Yes Day! I think it would be more fun to let the kids know what’s happening, and you can easily set some boundaries if necessary so they’re not eating treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ask them what activities they would like to do and tell them you’re only allowed to answer “Yes” to their requests. I’ll bet it will be a day you’ll all remember! Most importantly, just BE in the moment with your kids, put the phone away and remember it’s only just one day!

5. Make Childhood Memories…. for the future, by writing to your children

Make Childhood Memories by writing letters to your kids

This is one I’ve been meaning to start and I’m committing to doing this year at Christmas time. There is something so beautiful and sentimental about writing and receiving letters, and it’s something we just don’t really do anymore in a digital world. I know other people who have set up email addresses for their kids and write them emails every year, and yes you could do that, but I just love the idea of handwriting letters to them each year and then giving it to them in a big box on their 18th birthday. And they don’t need to be long letters (after all who has the time!) but a short note telling them how proud you are of what they’ve achieved that year (whether that be learning to walk or doing well at school), remembering special things that have happened that you’ve done together as a family, reminding them of funny things they’ve said, their favourite foods, books, movies, toys….the options are endless! This is one way you can truly make childhood memories, without forcing your kids to do anything! You can also keep copies of the letters for your own memories and those moments in the future where you will want to reminisce - imagine being able to read letters from your parenting years?

How are you going to make childhood memories with your kids this Christmas? Remember, if you start to feel like you’re trying too hard to make memories and are rather just creating “photo opps” give yourself a break. We all do it! Remember that memories just ARE. It’s ok to just let your kids be…and let those wonderful memories create themselves.

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Catherine Nelson-WilliamsCatherine Nelson-Williams is the author of this article and founder of The Nursery Collective. She is a mum of two and juggles being a WAHM with blogging and running The Nursery Collective - a haven for mamas navigating the early years of motherhood, where you can find unique boutiques and services for Mum, Baby & Kids all in the one place.


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    1. So glad you enjoyed these ideas! Enjoy making those memories with your kids and feel free to share this article with your friends! x

  1. Oh I love this. When we went camping recently on the day we were packing up to leave my son got his iPad ready for the trip home. But before that he took it and snap a load of group selfies with the other kids. Their faces said it all. It definitely was a different perspective and they really made me smile.

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