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Create Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper | The Nursery Collective

Guest Post by Mandy Ferry from Party Remedy

If there's one tradition that everyone partakes in at Christmas time, it’s gift giving – and a great way to get the kids involved is by creating your own Christmas wrapping paper!
Creating your own Christmas Wrapping Paper is pretty simple, and if you’ve got young kids it’s a great craft you can complete together during the festive season.

Creating your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

Creating Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper with the Kids!

Creating your own Christmas Wrapping Paper – What You’ll Need:

× A roll of paper [white or brown preferable]
× Paint [In your choice of Christmas colours – think red, white, green, silver, gold]
× Christmas theme stamps or foam rollers
× A tray to place paint on [or paint pots]

1. Simply roll out long sheets of your chosen paper roll. We’ve done this on the kitchen floor as well as the dining room table, depending how messy we think we’re going to get. You might want the kidlets to wear aprons too!
2. Place paint colours in pots or on trays, then using the stamps or rollers, start decorating the paper.
3. It’s completely up to you and the age of your children as to how this will play out. You may create a pattern with a really well orchestrated colour scheme, or if your children are quite young it may become more of an abstract piece.

Create Your Own Christmas Paper | Toddler Crafts

Either way when the gifts are wrapped under the tree, your kids are sure to feel pretty chuffed that the Christmas Wrapping Paper was made by them - and we’re sure Nan and Pop will love it too.

Creating your own Christmas Wrapping Paper - Ideas for adding that extra touch!

There are many additional things you can do to give your present that extra special touch:
- Twine is always popular, especially with natural paper (even if it has been decorated). It’s also a simple way to add your gift tag to the Christmas present too.
- Creating your own gift tags to accompany the present also adds that special finishing touch.

By using your child’s hand prints, you can create a number of different styled tags:

1. Christmas Trees: Using green paint, create hand prints. Cut out the hand prints and laminate. Then with the hand print upside down glue a star to the top and then add small confetti style decorations or Christmas stickers to make the trees look decorated

2. Santa: Using Red and White paint, create hand prints, painting fingers and top of hand white to create beard and base of hand and thumb red to create hat [Leave a space in the middle clear for face]. Cut hands out and using a black pen add facial features. Then laminate, before cutting out. Once complete, simply glue on a white pom pom on the tip of the Santa hat for a little extra creativity.

Creating Christmas Tags | Christmas Kids Crafts

3. Alternatively, you can use the same stamps you used to decorate the paper, then cut out and laminate the individual images to creating matching gift tags.

Regardless of whether your children create a masterpiece or it’s their relatively new to craft, creating your own Christmas wrapping paper is a great Christmas activity for kids of all ages. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the family together and do something in the lead up to Christmas, as well as creating a personal touch under the Christmas tree that your kids will be proud of.

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