Up Close & Personal with Anna Wythes from Modimade

Juggling Motherhood with Running a Business

Today I am thrilled to welcome the lovely Anna Wythes, owner of Modimade, to The Nursery Collective Blog. Anna is a mother of two, and recently welcomed her little girl Adhya Devi to her family and the world (and how gorgeous is that name!). Read on as she shares about her recent birth experience and just how she’s managing to juggle being a mama-of-two and running a business!

Hi Anna! Congratulations on your new arrival, how are you settling into motherhood? Are you getting any sleep?

Thanks Cathy, it’s been quite a hectic time - in a good way, since little Adhya arrived. I definitely appreciate why we have maternity leave - not so much to overcome the lack of sleep, but to fit in all the new born appointments both with friends and baby checkups. I think second time around, my body has taken to the interrupted sleep like it’s an old friend - it just fits right in and life moves forward which has been a life saver. Nights haven’t been quite so good though. Adhya went through her P.U.R.P.L.E phase at about 4 -7 weeks old; her doctor said this is a new term to explain ‘colic’ like symptoms at this age. She was really unsettled and had a lot of tummy pain in the early evenings and at night. The only way I managed to function on a normal scale was to take on co-sleeping and a lot of skin to skin contact to help settle her through the night. This saved my sleep as it meant I could easily pop her on the boob when she wanted it and quickly go back to sleep. There’s no time for Mummy day sleeps in this house.


We would love to hear about your birth experience! What was it like and did it differ to how you expected it to be?

Absolutely! It’s had all the drama you’d hope for in a birth that ended well. I don't think anyone can plan a birth and have it go according to that plan. One thing I experienced with my first birth was that my birth plan was quite useless during the actual birth. Nothing could have given us insight to know where and what was going to happen. So this time around I used it as a resource for my own mental preparation more than a ‘how to guide’ for the birthing suite. Everything changes once you’re in labour and it’s 100% directed by your body and the little body and soul that is making the journey to meet you. This time round we chose to be induced due to bubba’s decline in growth during the last few weeks. I was really uneasy about this, but I knew that she was directing the advice given by the doctors and there was obviously a reason why she needed to come out early. She came super quickly once they gave her the go ahead. My labour took a while to get going - I laugh now as I think I used the time to finish popping together my orders and messages on Facebook for the sale I was doing for Modimade. Great way to occupy the mind! Once she decided to get moving she was out in a 40 minute labour! I don't know who was more surprised - the nurses in the ward where I was due to stay overnight, my husband who had gone home to sleep for the night because we thought she wasn't doing anything or me when I was told her head was right there! Yes, I was in whole world of pushing pain but I’d expected it to go on for hours like my first. And then we saw that a SHE had arrived! A little girl was such a beautiful surprise. But it didn't stop there. I was able to have skin to skin with her and feeding time immediately but then my placenta didn’t give way. I was taken to surgery and had to undergo a general anesthetic because my heart rate was butterflying all over the place and I’d not had an epidural for the birth. It wasn’t even something i had any idea would have entered into our birth plan but it’s the road that our birth took and I’m so thankful that we had wonderful skilled doctors to lead me through it. Because we now have a little baby girl!!! Can’t you tell I’m just smitten by baby fever!

I don't blame you, she's divine - I just love this photo of her snuggled with her Sleepy Snoogu Dog and other Modimade goodies! What an amazing birth, and you raise such an important point about being flexible and not rigid with your birth plans. I have to ask though – how are you finding juggling a newborn with running your business, I find it hard enough with 2 older kids! How are you managing?

I’m doing pretty well actually. It sounds silly but I feel like I have heaps of time now compared to before she was born - I was teaching full-time and running Modimade before I started my maternity leave. Adhya sleeps reasonably well during the day and my 5 year old son is in day care most days so I’ve been able to maintain a good workflow with my business Modimade.

Amazing! So tell us, what's one item you can't live without as a new mum?

My stash of cloth nappies. I’m getting into using my cloth nappies again now that Adhya has grown enough to fit into a newborn size. I’ll be honest, I’m not down to using cloth for every nappy change but the money I’ve saved already is such a help to our family budget and of course there is that little satisfying feeling that we’re doing it the eco-friendly way.

What are your top tips for being out and about with a new baby?

I’m pretty lucky that I’ve already done the mother thing once so i can say hands down it’s being organised. Haha, however it did take me at least three trips down the street to actually get out my own baby bag from Modimade to use. I developed this style of nappy bag / fold-out change mat when I was pregnant with my first child, and drew inspiration from a nappy swag bag I used as a nanny 15 years ago. For me (and I hope loads of other Mums with our bag) I think I’ve mastered the perfect nappy bag now. Over last 5 years I’ve been working with a small social enterprise in Cambodia to have the bags produced ethically, supporting fair employment and now it’s great to test drive again and see just how quick it is to use - just unbutton and fold out, then everything is sorted and ready to use. But whatever style of nappy bag you go with it’s got to be compact and well organised. I guess my tip would be to make sure you choose one that is a ‘no-brainer’ so that sleep deprived Mums and Dads can use it.


What are you finding most challenging about being Mum?

I’m not sure if I’ve made it sound like motherhood is easy but it’s not. There are definitely times when I feel like I’m neglecting my 5 year old and my hubby, for the needs of my new daughter. It’s part of the realisation that mothers aren’t just one person. We are multiple. In my case, I’m a mother, a wife, a teacher and a business owner, but it’s a skill and a strength that women have (and a challenge too sometimes) to find a happy place, a place where all these elements blend together and work.

I love how you’ve articulated that – multitasking is an inherent skill that women have and as mothers it’s taken to the next level to challenge us, but It sounds like you are doing an amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing with us today. Before we sign of, we’d love to know what's next for Modimade?

To go and wake my baby daughter up because my boobs hurt! But that’s me as Modimade Mum. For Modimade I’m looking at expanding the sales of our handmade toys and mobiles, also the baby bag. I have started working directly with a small group of home based women in the Phnom Penh, Cambodia to continue their efforts to make brightly coloured and vibrant soft toys and baby rattles. By building a wider wholesale reach for the toys and mobiles here in Australia, I’m hoping to be able to give them the opportunity to support their vulnerable families and train others who may need to additional skills and employment.

Anna-0434EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Anna is offering all Nursery Collective customers an exclusive 15% discount storewide using the code MUMSLIFE at checkout! Code expires July 31, 2017 and is valid as one code per customer.

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Keep up to date with Modimade on social media here: Instagram and Facebook

Photos of Anna & Adhya courtesy of Helen Flint Photography, Blue Mountains NSW.



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Our Favourite EOFY Offers!

Is it just me, or is 2017 just whizzing by? I can't quite believe we are already half way through the year, and speaking of time flying, my baby girl turns 3 this week which is totally crazy! As the financial year comes to a close, I am delighted to bring you this round up of amazing EOFY Offers from our lovely Nursery Collective brands, so read on for some fabulous discounts and get ready to shop! All offers are valid until midnight June 30, 2017.




This batch of slightly imperfect sleepsuits are a steal at only $19 (full price $59.95). These sleep suits will give your baby the same security and comfort as one of the full-priced versions, and if you don't mind seeing a few odd curly stitching (you may not even notice), then get one of these now as these won't last long!




We adore the beautiful range of bamboo wraps by KIKI & Spice! Gentle on your babies skin and super breathable, perfect as a baby wrap/swaddle, nursing cover, pram/capsule cover or a soft blanket to keep your cherub warm when out and about.

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When you shop with Modimade, you know that your purchase is making a difference - all products are ethically made in Cambodia. The range includes Baby/Kids Toys & Clothes, Womens Clothing/Bags/Jewellery and Homewares

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I used amber for both my kids when they were teething babes, and swear by it's natural healing ability! Not only is it a natural anti-inflammatory for teething, but it can aid in a wide range of common illnesses. Amberocks stock a wide range of amber jewellery for both babies and adults

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We just love the range of beautiful and colourful prints at Grubbee! Swaddles, wraps and burp cloths are all now available at 25% off! All items are handmade with love in Melbourne by mother of three Kymberley.

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MAX & HOUND source all their brands with ethics and sustainability in mind. Catering from newborn through to 8 years old, every product is chosen with love and care, offering on trend style, unique brands and quality fabrics.

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The "Baby Wellness" pack by Lil Footprint Hampers is a fabulous start-up pack that includes natural, organic products which will naturally help soothe and calm babies and kids alike, and offer assistance in the management of colds, coughs, teething and colic. A wonderful gift for a new mum!

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Do you have a baby who's just starting to crawl? Or a crawler who's learning to walk? Do you have hard floors in your home or other places where you take your child? Help prevent bruises and scratches on your little one's knees and shins! Kneewalkers by Morgan Essie are 100% stretch cotton pants with padded knees and shins, specially designed for crawlers and kneewalkers.

Use code MESSIE10 for 10% storewide at Morgan Essie (they also stock fabulous long sleeve tee's!)


Aloka Sleepy Lights are perfect for your little one's imaginative mind, a perfect gift for a bedside table to add character to any child bedroom's decor . With features including the ability to change the LED colour, control the brightness of the light with 4 different levels, leave the lamp on all night or set to a timer... all from a handy remote!

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Featherwood Designs are offering a FREE Print with purchase of their brand new Wall Mountable Coat Racks from their new Winter Collection! These beautiful racks are made from pine timber and available in 4 colours: Midnight Blue, Country Blue, Aged Grey, Dusty Pink. You can even personalize them with a handpainted name!


Celebrate the passions and interests of your little one with an original watercolour designed milestone poster by Elk Prints. Fully customisable to your child with the things that are important to them: favourite foods, toys, characters and activities. These A3 posters are one-off artworks, completely hand-painted and hand-lettered onto 300gsm art paper making a beautiful keepsake to remember this moment in your child's life.

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Kickee Pants have taken the U.S by storm and have become a sought after label. We’ve spotted celebs dressing their latest arrivals in these gorgeous pieces and received reviews from mums that their babes have better night’s sleep in their award winning snuggable sleepwear! You will fall in love with the deliciously soft and luxurious fabric and super cute designs!

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Just Because Prints is dedicated to creating unique and affordable printed products for your children, home, business or milestone event. To celebrate EOFY they are offering 30% off all their novelty mugs and gorgeous prints!

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To celebrate end of financial year, Harlow & Frankie are offering 20% off storewide, including an extra 20% on already reduced sale items!
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Tree Hut Village are giving away one Babyzen YoYo; the best travel stroller out there - to one member of their community! I have to agree, I own this stroller and it's an absolute game changer when travelling with kids!
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Lyn's Label Organic Baby lovingly design and make classic yet stylish baby items that are unique, luxurious and practical. Parents can purchase from the gorgeous range with confidence knowing all  items are made from PURE Organic fibres, free of nasty dyes and chemicals. The range includes items for bub and Mum.

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We LOVE these unique apron-style towels, secured around the neck to make bathing your new baby safe and easy. Made from ultra soft, highly absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo and cotton.
Towelling Stories also have a range of bamboo towelling Bibs, Burp Cloths and Face washers.

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Ava & Lola Organics is all about a natural approach to your child's health, care and wellbeing. You can find beautiful organic gift boxes, and safe products for Mum and Baby in this online boutique

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Love, Cathy

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Guest Blog: Susanna Heiskanen of Tuutu Baby Box

Did you know that in Finland, expectant mothers are given a special baby box by the state - a starter kit of clothes, baby items and toys that can even be used as a bed. This beautiful tradition dates back to the 1930’s and some even believe it has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

Today on the blog, we have the lovely Susanna Heiskanen, co-founder of Tuutu Baby Box, the first Finnish designed and Australian made Baby Box, sharing with us a little bit more background about this wonderful concept.

What is the Baby Box Concept?

The Finnish baby box has been around for over 75 years. Over 3 million boxes have been given to families by the Finnish government over the years. It was written into Finnish law in 1937 that expectant mothers were entitled to a baby box and in 1949 this was expanded to include all expectant mothers unrelated to their socio-economic circumstances.

Why has the baby box been so popular with the Finns? One of the reasons is that the box really has everything you need as a parent. Having receiving the box you would not need to buy a thing if you did not want to – the box doubles as a bed and the content is enough for the first few months and beyond. The box also promotes equality amongst parents and kids. Everyone has the same start in life and you can tell what year children were born in based on the clothes they were wearing. There are some products in the box such as muslin wraps that have been there since the beginning.
The baby box was introduced together with the Neuvola program. Neuvola is a midwife driven anti and post-natal clinic system that everyone is entitled to. It was a condition of receiving the baby box that the mother has to attend the prenatal program that educated mothers about breastfeeding, vaccination, safe sleeping practices and many more useful topics. The Neuvola system is still going strong and it reaches nearly all expectant mothers and their children under school age.
Image from Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

What are the benefits in using the baby box?

The baby box promotes safe sleep practices and the clothing and products included are all useful and something that you would have had to buy if you had not received the box from the government. The crucial early pregnancy care with free essential goods makes the box such a great preventive public health care initiative. The parents are also more likely to attend post-natal care after receiving the box and having already attended the pre-natal care.

Has the infant mortality rate dropped because of the baby box scheme?

Believe it or not, there has never been a clinical study in Finland or any other country (at the time of writing this) investigating the benefits of the baby box. The drop in the infant mortality rate in Finland is linked to better anti and post-natal care through the Neuvola system that together with the baby box has addressed some of the issues that were linked to high infant death rates. The baby box was a freebie for the parents, that in turn motivated them to attend to the anti- and post-natal care.

What about Australia?

There are already countries like Canada, USA and UK who have pilot programs to study the benefits of the baby box concept. These countries have higher infant mortality rates than Australia and it’s hoped that the baby box concept will help to address some of the underlying causes. Countries like Scotland are rolling this out as a nationwide scheme and the rest of the UK is trialling and providing baby boxes in geographical areas where the infant mortality rate is high.
At the time of writing this blog there are no large-scale study programs underway in Australia. There are few pilot programs in different States and we will follow these trials with interest. It would be a great thing to be able to provide the right start in life to all babies in Australia and we hope that the government will consider having the baby box scheme adopted here. If such a program is developed the hope is that it also has an educational part attached for the parents as it does in Finland through the Neuvola program.

Although the Finnish Baby Box comes with all the required necessities we know how confusing it is to decide what you need to buy your baby. We have taken the stress out this and offer a free checklist for parents based on the Finnish model listing the basics you need to purchase when shopping for your baby.
FIND OUT MORE about the TUUTU Baby Box range HERE and enjoy FREE SHIPPING in Australia!

TUUTU are proud to be Gold Sponsors of the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards, run by the Australian Nappy Association, supporting their love of sustainable products such as cloth nappies that are included in the Tuutu Baby Box. Find out more about the awards here.

Susanna Heiskanen

After more than 10 years on the corporate ladder, and two baby boys, Susanna was ready for a new challenge and starting her own business was exactly that.  Susanna thought the Finnish Maternity Package that the government was giving to expectant mothers was a great idea and that it would be something she would love to endorse in Australia. “Although the infant mortality rate is low in Australia, more can be done. With this in mind we have designed an Australian version of the package and we are passionate advocates of our products and mother and baby wellbeing. We hope that Tuutu Baby Box is something you will love and it will be multifunctional for you and your child, just like the original one in Finland was meant to be.
- Susanna Heiskanen (Co-Founder)

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Our Favourite Easter Products and Exclusive Discounts!

Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away and there is so much more available for our precious little ones besides chocolate! (although we love our Easter eggs too!)

We are so excited to bring you our first Easter Edit which is choc-a-block with beautiful and unique Easter themed products available from our wonderful Nursery Collective boutiques. And because we love a good Easter sale, we also have some ah-mazing and exclusive Easter discounts available for Nursery Collective customers...so make sure you read ALL the way through to get the details of which boutiques you can use the code TNCEASTER to grab some amazing discounts and start hop-hop-shopping!



Make Easter hunting a lot more friendly and last beyond the silver wrapper this year with the Sleepy Snoogu Bunny from Modimade!
Ethically made by in Cambodia, these gorgeous bunnies make the perfect chocolate-free Easter gift!

Link to Modimade at The Nursery Collective


These gorgeous rabbit pouffes are perfect for little people! They can be used as a cushioned seat or opened to magically unfold and become a chair or two separate floor cushions. Designed in France by artisans of childhood, L’Oiseau Bateau, the pouffes are made to be downy soft with gorgeous fabrics ~ satin and microfibre. They are not only oh-so-soft but a beautiful addition to a child's bedroom or the family living space. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a practical soft furnishing for a child’s space.

You can shop these pouffes here at LITTLE FRENCH HEART
Link to Little French Heart at The Nursery Collective


These cute Mini Crochet Bunny's are the perfect nursery or newborn gift! They measure 20 cm from tip of ear to toe and come in two colours; Grey or Ivory. These are a handmade product and the eyes and nose are hand embroidered for safety. Made of 100% Australian cotton. SHOP HERE

Tinta Crayons Easter Egg crayons are beautiful, moulded eggs that will delight children. The 6 half-eggs are packaged in a beautiful box, sealed with a matching Easter egg tag. SHOP HERE

These stylish shallow Wooden Plates make snack time more fun! They are made from a light Beech wood, perfect for children or outdoor entertaining. The perfect Easter plate! SHOP HERE
Link to Little Leaf Kids at The Nursery Collective


Looking for an alternative to chocolate, but still want to enjoy the excitement of an Easter Egg hunt this year?

How about these gorgeous hand-painted, wooden Easter Eggs, perfect for play or your easter decor! Each set comes with three eggs in your choice of colour theme and contains two small eggs (3.5cm tall) and one large egg (5cm tall) with an optional extra eggcup


Link to Featherwood Designs at The Nursery Collective


OB Designs Natural Teether Toy BONNIE BUNNY DINGaRING. The natural wooden teething ring, luxuriously soft plush toy body and gentle rattle make this an ideal gift for newborns and teething bubs. SHOP HERE

The Teething Egg has a unique shape and great design. It’s easily graspable and naturally safe. A non toxic and BPA free product made from food grade TPE.  Its design and firm, supple texture provides baby with relief from teething pain. SHOP HERE

Natures Purest Organic Cotton Grey Stripe Knitted Bunny - a beautiful companion for any newborn and made from 100% organic cotton. SHOP HERE
Link to Avidiva at The Nursery Collective



In Sweden the Easter tradition is to decorate bare birch twigs with colourful feathers to encourage nature to blossom and turn winter into spring - "påsk ris". Therefore feather means Easter for the Bubnest team! (photo  of Easter Bunny baby in a Fjäder nest courtesy of @thebosnianaussie)
The Bubnest is an organic, breathable and soft portable bed for bub to rest anywhere anytime, home and away from home. You start with the nest tied up and finish with it open at the end as bub grows. The mattress is thick enough to be comfortable  on any flat surface. All nests are made from 99% Organic certified cotton inside and out, and handmade with love. SHOP HERE

Link to Bubnest at The Nursery Collective


This 100% cotton, beautifully soft, knitted baby blanket is the must have monochrome easter gift for any little styler!

Measuring 90x110cm with Black & White reversible design it's perfect for the cot, pram and moses basket.

Link to
Bae & Bear at The Nursery Collective


This organic Kantha Quilt makes a beautiful Easter Gift!
It is light weight and double sided and packs down small for nappy bags and unfolds large to 41"x41".
Perfect for swaddling, laying out for tummy time, and great for the carrier and stroller.
Completely hand stitched and now only $18.

Link to Freckle Baby at The Nursery Collective



The Easter Bunny Soothing Duo Bundle is a perfect all natural Easter baby gift. The comforter is a simple design, hygienic and made from 100% organic cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100). The teether is made from food grade silicone. It is also hygienic - resistant to the growth of mould & bacteria. This teether has lots of soft, bendy edges on which baby can chew safely. Set contains: 100% Organic Cotton Baby Comforter - choose from Pink or Blue check. Size is approx 20cm. Nature Bubz Swiss Cross Silicone Teether - choose from Mint or Marble. Size approx. 9cmx9cm. SHOP HERE

Organic Cotton Baby Comforter - Toddels - Rabby Red. Their shape is simple - long ears that babies love to chew on or play with. This is the larger of the 2 sizes available, suitable for babies from 9 months old. SHOP HERE
Link to Bamboo Lulu at The Nursery Collective


This set is made from ultra soft, thick and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo and cotton (base) terry toweling, featuring a gorgeous bunny print! The bib is large in size to help keep baby's clothes clean and the absorbent terry towelling means you can wet the bib and use the back as a face washer as well. Two clasps do up behind the neck for extra security and it can be adjusted to a larger size. The rectangular burp cloth has a circular cut out for around the neck to make burp time easier and mess-free. SHOP HERE
Link to Towelling Stories at The Nursery Collective



This Newborn/Baby Girls/Toddler 'Bunny' Romper makes the perfect Easter outfit, yet it is so versatile for any season/occasion as all babies love bunnies! With soft elastic around the legs and snap studs for comfort, easy dressing and nappy changing, this is the perfect romper for a growing baby! The top knots from My Tiny Wardrobe also make the perfect accessory for this gorgeous romper and are available in 7 colours! SHOP ROMPER HERE and TOPKNOTS HERE
Link to My Tiny Wardrobe at The Nursery Collective


Little Field Handmade have so many gorgeous Easter clothing items! From their Harem Pants, Leggings and Shorts in the Sleeping Bunny Print and Little Chicks Print to their keepsake My First Easter Bandana Bibs and Pink Bunny Burp Cloths. All items are handmade with love and available from size 0000-4. SHOP PANTS, LEGGINGS AND SHORTS HERE, BANDANA BIBS HERE and BURP CLOTH HERE
Link to Little Field Handmade at The Nursery Collective



Storksak’s Noa is an award winning, perfectly practical baby bag, boasting a range of chic shades on the outside, in a wipe clean coated canvas fabric. Ideal for a short trip, the Noa also includes a separate matching handy Mini Organiser bag, featuring five pockets and a large zipped main internal compartment. The gorgeous pastel blue and pink versions make this the perfect Easter baby bag!
Link to Storksak at The Nursery Collective


The Molly Pink Changing Bag is a pretty and practical satchel style bag that is perfect for everyday use. The front flap with magnetic popper closure keeps your valuables safe allowing quick and easy access while the numerous pockets allows all your essentials to be perfectly organised. Made from wipe clean, water resistant material and finished with complementary faux leather trim, the Molly is the ideal bag for parents on the go. SHOP HERE
The handy Wave Fawn Change Station looks like a stylish clutch bag with so much more to offer! Perfect for popping out and storing everything you need for changing your baby in one place. With wipe clean, water resistant finishes, padded for baby's comfort and plenty of pockets for storing nappies, wipes and creams it also has comes with a useful removable mesh zipped pouch for those smaller valuables. Strap it to your stroller, wrist or just drop it in your changing bag. SHOP HERE
Link to Babymel at The Nursery Collective



Eiress has a beautiful selection of pastel gorgeousness on offer for both Mum and Bub this Easter! FOR BUB there are the ELLIPSE PASTELLA (also available in a RATTLE) and ELLIPSE SPRING teethers as well as the MIA range of teethers that look good enough to eat!
FOR MUM, check out the beautiful pastel necklaces ELLEVIL PASTELLA, ABACI PASTELS and KOVE PASTELS to put the perfect finishing touch on your Easter outfit! All products made with 100% certified food grade silicone and free from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, PVC, latex and lead. Click on the items names to shop now!
Link to Eiress at The Nursery Collective


To celebrate our first Easter Edit we have 27 of The Nursery Collective boutiques and services offering some fantastic Easter discounts exclusive to The Nursery Collective customers so you can get your shopping on! Simply use the code TNCEASTER when shopping at the brands below to grab your discounts! Full details are below - happy shopping! 

ABBY ST. CLAIRE are offering FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders of their beautiful chunky knit merino blankets!
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AMBEROCKS are offering 20% OFF STOREWIDE on their beautiful, genuine Baltic amber jewellery!
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ANIKY are offering 15% off their beautiful and unique Baby Book - Precious Little Moments.
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BABY LOVES SLEEP are offering 15% OFF STOREWIDE! The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit is for easy swaddle transitioning when the swaddle wrap no longer works!
Valid from April 10 to Easter Sunday!




BABYMEL are offering 25% OFF STOREWIDE on their beautiful modern nappy bags, accessories and backpacks!
Valid until Midnight AEDT Monday the 10th April




BAMBOO LULU are offering 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER on their affordable bamboo and organic clothing & accessories!
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BORN MATERNITY are offering 20% off ALL ORDERS OVER $50! Affordable, comfortable maternity wear that is also stylish!
Valid until Midnight AEDT Monday the 10th April




BUBNEST are offering FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders of their snug portable baby beds! All made with certified, organic cotton.
Valid until Midnight AEDT Monday the 10th April




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Guest Blog Post - Ellen "The Stylist Mama"

Christmas is such a joyful time to spend with family and friends, but can sometimes feel a little stressful and overwhelming if you are pregnant, or heaven forbid - about to pop. Add the Aussie heat, and a few too many belly rubs and you are no doubt over it! Follow these little steps to make sure your Christmas is remembered for all the right reasons, after all - I’m sure you'll be spoilt regardless!

Keep hydrated and snack on the Christmas goodies!

Ok, so you can’t indulge in some fancy bubbles, or eat anything raw or questionable (goodbye seafood and the ham!) but you can snack on lots of hot meats, and of course the veggies, and no doubt, most of the desserts! Think of the positives, like how fresh you'll be feeling over the days that follow - no hangover here!

Mix Christmas up!

So obviously there will be no “unsafe” foods on your plate, but why not use that as a great excuse to change the menu and enjoy a really traditional Christmas lunch or dinner? Research cookbooks and blogs for some interesting recipes - think egg nog, Christmas Turkey and Roast Pork, and Apple pie, or a gingerbread house for dessert!

Gift Ideas!

Depending on where you are at in your pregnancy will determine the gifts you receive from your loved ones. My one and only piece of advice… Be SELFISH! Go for it, while you can afford the time! Ask for massage vouchers, mani/pedi vouchers, maternity bars, hair salon vouchers... anything that makes you feel divine! Maybe even a magazine subscription or a few new “travel size” perfumes, something fresh and exciting will always pick you up on your yucky days!

Keep the pressure off yourself!

Finally, take it easy! If it’s all too much to think about hosting or going to a Christmas get-together, keep it low key and book a restaurant, or better yet - get away. A small little road trip or short plane flight to somewhere where you can just relax and spend time with your partner is sometimes better then any family Christmas. If you book a restaurant, its a very easy way to entertain and sometimes works out to be more valuable then having leftovers in the fridge for weeks!

Whatever you do, enjoy your Christmas! Remember that very soon your little baby will enter the world and Christmas will become all about them - so take the time to soak up all the excitement and anticipation!

Merry Christmas!

Follow Ellen's blog The Stylist Mama a blog destination for all things parenting + fashion + lifestyle. The blog features stories, products and events that appeal to the modern mother, and an insight into life as a first time mama. Based in Brisbane Australia, Ellen Robbins is a full time stylist, lover, and mother of one.
Ellen's social media - Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest

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(The lovely Ellen)





Getting your baby to sleep can be one of the biggest challenges as a new mum. Because if they don’t sleep, you don’t sleep. And if you don’t sleep, well… lets just say there’s a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!

When I was a new mum I started out in a completely blissful state with a baby who slept beautifully, only waking once or twice a night to feed. I was smug in the fact that I had a “good baby”. He was sleeping well and so was I. I felt invincible. This motherhood lark was easy!

And then everything changed. And went downhill. Fast.

We went from one or two wakings a night to our lowest point where he woke up every 45 minutes. All night long. For MONTHS. And I was lucky if he napped for more than 15-20 mins during the day. I was a complete basket case and would burst into tears at any given minute. My weight dropped well beyond what would have been welcome post baby, and my family feared for my sanity. But with some help from a sleep consultant, we finally managed to get back on course and eventually I had a baby who slept well, woke up happy, wasn’t overtired, actually napped, and who finally “slept like a baby”.

And all was right in my world. Not to say it was all smooth sailing from there... Illnesses, sleep regressions and growth spurts would often disrupt our routine, but now I had the tools to get back on track.

(Here's a pic of my little one with his exhausted Daddy!)


So in todays blog post, we are bringing you some top tips for navigating your way through the highs and lows of baby sleep in the first year! Our lovely contributor Erika Lamour is an Infant Sleep Specialist at The Sleep Dept who has worked with newborns, toddlers, special needs, multiples and everything in between.

Here are her hottest tips around the most FAQ’s for new mums when it comes to baby sleep.


There are definitely foundations you can set early on to create great sleep habits, but the 0-3 month stage of your baby’s life really should be referred to as the 4th trimester. Babies are making a HUGE transition from womb to world - coming from an environment that is dark, warm and well-nourished to suddenly being exposed to light, different temperatures and hunger. Whilst it’s not a great idea to have your newborn on a time-based schedule, if you make sure your newborn is awake for no longer than 60-75 minutes between sleeps, you are on your way to creating great habits.


Ah yes... The dreaded 4 month sleep regression where sleeping patterns change and become more like an adults. Your baby's brain has matured, gone are the days where your little newborn could fall into a deep sleep at the drop of a hat. Now, they start to sleep more like us - they begin to go through light and deep sleep cycles. This means that each time your babies sleep cycle goes from deep to light, they will most likely wake up (thats every 40-45 minutes!)

While many parents fear the 4 month sleep regression, it really shouldn't be seen as a regression but more so a developmental milestone, and the best time to implement a sleep program that's right for you and your baby.


Uh-oh! Paci's are great to settle and soothe newborns, but what happens when you are up 10 times in the middle of the night popping it back into your baby's mouth? The best thing to do is cut it - COLD TURKEY! i know it sounds scary! But if it is being used as a sleep association it WILL wake your baby in the middle of the night and when they can't find it, it may cause confusion and distress. We need to guide babies in having their own sleep associations that they create themselves. All the babies who implement 'The Sleep Dept' program get used to having no paci on night 1! Instead, replace the paci for a small comforter.


If your baby has a sleep association that means they will not fall asleep without this. The simple answer as to why this might be happening is - they haven't been allowed to figure it out on their own. When we introduce external sleeping associations, such as feeding or rocking a baby to sleep, we take that away from them. We don't want a baby to be falling asleep outside of their cot (easier said than done!). There are gentle ways that this can be done (The Sleep Dept. only uses gentle techniques and no Cry It Out methods). It takes patience and consistency, but the good news is that if we follow a plan 100%, the results are almost immediate, with babies falling asleep on their own and sleeping through by night 2!


In my experience, the best way to do this is... COLD TURKEY! It creates less confusion for your baby. I would recommend introducing a small handkerchief sized comforter, so that your baby can keep their hands busy if they need to. Again, most babies get used to having arms out in a night or two.


The MOST important thing to remember when your baby is sick, teething or going through a sleep regression is to not introduce anything new - especially a bad habit that you had worked so hard to get rid of in the first place! Of course, your baby needs you in times like these, but the best thing is to go to them. They still need to know its night time. So do what you have to do - feed them, bring a mattress into their room, hug them. Just be sure to stay in their room. All of these things pass, and if a baby is on a solid routine, it will only be a few days before they are back on track.


We get it. A long flight, lots of waiting around, unfamiliar surroundings - these can all affect your Bub BUT if your little one is in a great routine at home, then they should be able to easily adjust wherever they are in the world. My best tips for travelling with a little one -
1. Throw all your rules out when on the plane. It will be much less stressful for both you and Bub if you do what will easily calm your Bub.
2. Get your baby onto a routine based on the timezone you are in. Babies adjust to different time zones much quicker than adults!
3. Have your baby spend lots of time outside during the day, and start the nighttime wind down approx. 2-3 hours before sleep time.

If I’d known about these tips with my first I definitely would have been better equipped to deal with our sleep issues. I can see now that my problems started with the 4 month sleep regression which started early (yes it’s possible!) and were made worse by sleep associations and dummy use. By the time I had my second I knew what to expect …although she still loves her dummy! (we’ll deal with that eventually!)

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Brought to you by The Sleep Dept  *not incl in home consultation


(The lovely Erika Lamour - Infant Sleep Specialist)



Hey there!

My name is Cathy and I’m a mum of two from Sydney, Australia. My two little loves are M and H (aged 5 and 2) and we are currently living as Aussie expats in the brash, bold city of Dubai. I’m a mum and wife first and foremost, a business owner, a first generation Aussie of mixed heritage, a lover of animals, a foodie, a classical guitarist, a bit of a crystal loving hippy with some OCD tendencies, and I’m completely passionate about my friends and family.

When the opportunity came up for hubby and I to do a stint in Dubai 9 years ago, it was scary and exciting. I had all these ideas about starting a family and living the SAHM life after spending the previous 10 years working and playing hard in the Sydney advertising scene. There was also an underlying sadness to our move, as we had only been married a short while but had recently lost a baby in early pregnancy.

In many ways I wanted a new beginning and a fresh start.

Fast forward three years and I was pregnant with my first….and along the way I had made some incredible friendships with other expat women who had quickly become my closest friends, and my new “family”. It dawned on me that it truly does take a village, not so much to raise a child, but to support a new mum, whilst she’s floundering through lack of sleep, endless nappies, even more endless feeds, trying to keep everything together whilst feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and often lonely…. did I mention the sleep deprivation?

Having a solid support network of women made a huge difference to me as a tired new mum, especially being far from home. And not only as a new mum, but during the 3 years when my husband and I battled with unexplained infertility after our earlier loss. So after my son was born, I had the added “mum guilt” of feeling I had to be grateful for every second because of the struggle to conceive. How could I complain that I was in complete, toe-curling agony in the early days of breastfeeding? How could I let myself cry during those dark months when my son decided he was going to wake up every 45 mins all night long…yes every 45 minutes.

There were days when I hated it. And days when I’d manage to get some sleep and the clouds would clear. When being a mum was the best feeling ever.

Some of my other friends were dealing with colic, reflux and other medical issues. Some had post natal depression, in fact I’m pretty sure I did too during the period my son didn’t sleep.

But our little village banded together and somehow we managed to navigate our way through.

There’s so much about early motherhood that remains unspoken before you have a baby - even the antenatal classes you attend focus on the birth, but not the aftermath. I thought breastfeeding would be completely easy and natural and was shocked to discover it wasn’t. I thought babies slept. I never imagined that being a full time Mum would be so monotonous at times and that I would often feel like I’d lost my identity. And how much strain all of the above could place on a marriage, even one that was rock solid.

But the women around me, my fellow mums and friends helped get me through in a way that only they could. I realised how much I appreciated my own mum. I understood how she must have struggled when she was a new mum in a new country, with my sister and I born only 13 months apart (kudos to you Mum )

Nowadays when I meet a new mum, I do my best to support her and become part of her village, to let her know it’s OK to stumble and vent frustration. I truly believe there’s so much beautiful, strong and feminine energy created when women support each other.

6 years on and two kids later I’m loving motherhood and also running this business.

I want this blog to bring you valuable information to help navigate the journey into motherhood. We are working on some awesome new blog posts about everything from sleep in the first year, to breastfeeding basics and tips, travelling with your baby, hypnobirthing, the importance of self-care as a new mum and much more. Some amazing women who are experts in these areas are collaborating with us – again another tribe of supportive women at work!

The Nursery Collective is a hub where new and pregnant mums can find all their shopping needs in the one place, so at times I will be featuring some of our lovely brands, as well as the stories about the women and mums behind them.

I look forward to sharing with you on this blog. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list so you can be the first to hear about our blog posts, as well as receive any special offers. Feel free to comment below if there is anything in particular you want us to blog about.

And lastly, please share this post with any new mums or mums-to-be in your life and become part of their village.

With love
Cathy x