BIBaDO Catch-It-All Cover-All Bib : Review by Fi Morrison

BIBaDO review

I’ve always been the kind of person who hates mess. While I’ve never been titled a “neat freak”, there is something about muck and grime that really bothers me. As a primary teacher and someone working with children for over 10 years, this was bad enough. (I’ll give you one word – glitter!).

However becoming a parent opened my eyes to a whole other ball game of mess. Many people tell you that there is so much that you’re unprepared for in motherhood. And to some degree, I guess I knew mess would be involved (cause, babies). BUT I didn’t realise the degree of messiness would steadily escalate over the coming months – and years.

The main source of messiness is by far the feeding process.

The first taste of this reality was starting baby on solids. Purees can be messy when you’re trying to shove food into a baby’s mouth that they don’t want to eat. Then they move to toddlerhood where they decided they have mastered how to feed themselves (news flash, they haven’t!). It is a never-ending battleground of food bits that cover your baby, the highchair, the floor – practically every surrounding surface for what feels like a 1-mile radius. And despite the best intentions of others telling me not to worry about it, or that it is a ‘learning experience’ for my son, it still bothers me.

So you can imagine my sheer delight at coming across a product that allows for my son to engage in the feeding process messily while also helping me maintain my sanity. Introducing the BIBaDO.

BIBaDO REVIEW: What is the BIBaDO?

Created in the UK, the BIBaDO is a catch-it-all cover-all for babies and toddlers to wear while they’re eating. It looks like a huge paint smock, but has a large front section with elastic, Velcro tabs that can be used to secure around the top of the highchair tray your child is feeding from. With the large section of material attached from the front of your child to the highchair tray, a ‘pocket’ is formed that sits in their lap (the space between the highchair tray and themselves that usually gets destroyed by food mess) to catch those entrails we hate cleaning up. What genius!

BIBaDO review at The Nursery Collective

The BIBaDO is designed as a long sleeve cover-all to help keep all aspects of the baby clean (except their face because, food), and is completely waterproof. Not only is this great for liquid-based foods (cereal is one of our worst offenders of mess at home!), but it makes the cleaning of the BIBaDO tremendously easy – a quick wash and wipe, and the cover-all is clean and ready for the next mealtime.

BIBaDO REVIEW: Practicality

While my son is 21-months old and slowly (ever so slowly) becoming more proficient at feeding himself, the BIBaDO has been a huge weight off my mind during feeding times. It may sound bizarre, but the mess that feeding time brings actually produces a mild anxiety for me. However, now that my son uses the BIBaDO, I know that he can enjoy exploring his foods (the way that is developmentally appropriate) and develop his independence while also having peace of mind that he won’t be requiring a change of clothes after every feed.

BIBaDO Review Fi Morrison

We were previously using plastic bibs that had a little scoop tray of their own, and while these were helpful at catching food bits (more so than regular cloth bibs), they still allowed plenty of food to fall all over my boy’s lap. The BIBaDO is great as it is easy to put on, easy to attach to the highchair, and ridiculously easy to clean up afterwards too!

What are you waiting for?!

For any mums about to embark on the feeding journey; for any mums who are over the hassle of cleaning up messes; or for any mums who just want to make one part of mealtime a little easier, the BIBaDO is 100% for you!

Fi x


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