The Benefits of Amber for Teething

The Benefits of Amber for Teething

With Kirsten from Amberocks

In today's blog post we are exploring the many benefits of Amber and how it can assist not only with teething but many other conditions for babies, children and adults. Back when I was pregnant with my son, a close friend sent me a baltic amber necklace as a gift. Maxi wore it on and off from the time he started teething until all his teeth came in, and I definitely noticed a difference in his temperament when he wasn't wearing it!

Benefits of Amber for Teething

Being a nervous first time mum, I used to take it off at night and tie it around his ankle instead, just to be safe. My daughter on the other hand wore hers around her neck 24/7 until well after all her teeth came in! I'm a big believe in natural therapies and loved using amber for both my kids - I truly felt it made a difference to their teething journeys! And how gorgeous did they look wearing them? (biased mum I know!)

Toddler boy wearing amber
Maxi 13mths

amber necklace
Maxi 9mths










baby girl wearing amber teething necklace
Halle 10mths

toddler girl wearing amber
Halle 2yrs










So today I've invited the lovely Kirsten from AMBEROCKS to join us on the blog - read below as we quiz her all about amber, her business and the often discussed safety issues that arise around amber jewellery and babies.

The Benefits of Amber for Teething and more

Hi Kirsten, thanks for joining us on the blog today to chat all things amber! Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and how you came to run Amberocks?

Thank you! I’m very excited to be featured here on the blog! I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley with my partner Darren and two boys Ash and Quinn. When I was on maternity leave with Ash I really was looking for something to challenge myself. I missed my work in the environmental field and motherhood was hard. Amazing, but hard! I had been using Amberocks amber necklaces on Ash and myself for about a year and LOVED them! In October 2014 I was given the opportunity to take over the business with my sister, Monica. And we haven’t looked back!

I used amber necklaces for both my children while they were teething and I really felt that they both benefited greatly from wearing them, plus they looked gorgeous! I never realised that amber had so many other benefits besides assisting with teething relief, can you tell us a bit more about these benefits?

Europeans have been wearing Baltic amber for centuries. It is most commonly associated with teething relief as it is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory but it can assist with a wide range of ailments. As an anti-inflammatory, it can help with arthritis and joint pain, skin issues, reflux, metabolism and we have a lot of reports on the calming effect amber can have on mood, lowering levels of anxiety and hyperactivity.

Amber Necklace Toddler Boy

That's fascinating. Maybe I should start wearing some! So, something that ALWAYS comes up around amber necklaces is safety - especially while sleeping. I know this was a particular concern with my first, and i used to tie his necklace around his ankle at night, however as a more confident second time mum, my second wore hers pretty much around the clock. Can you share some safety tips with us?

Here at Amberocks we are very conscious about safe wearing of the amber, particularly the necklaces. Our amber beads are all individually knotted so if the item was to break only one string would ever come loose and our screw clasps are designed to break under pressure releasing the necklace. Many people don’t realise that amber is designed to be worn, not chewed on, so it is very important that the necklace is short fit so it can’t reach the child’s mouth, especially when they are young. We usually recommend a 2 finger gap between the skin and the necklace. We always advise removing the amber from around the neck when sleeping. Many people don’t feel comfortable with something around their babies necks especially when they are under 1. Wrapping a necklace around the ankle and tucking it under clothing for sleep time is a great way. Both of my boys wore a necklace 24/7 from about 3 months as I felt comfortable to do this, but it is totally down to the individual.

I'm sure there are many sellers with fake amber products out there. What's the best way to tell if you are buying genuine amber?

Fake amber is prolific! The best thing to do is to purchase from a trusted source that offer a certificate of authenticity with their jewellery. And steer clear of the cheaper products from ebay etc. They are cheap for a reason as they are likely made from plastic. If the beads looks too perfect, they are likely to be plastic also, amber has many imperfections including air bubbles, slight roughness to the outside of the beads and often pieces of organic matter in the bead. Each piece is completely unique. This is why it’s so special!

Amber Anklet

Is it true that the closer the amber is worn to the site (so teeth) the more effective it is?

The active ingredient in amber is succinc acid. This is released from the warmth of the body and absorbed through the skin. The more amber you can wear, the greater the effect can be. This is why we always recommend a necklace. There may be some benefit to wearing it closer to the site, but any amber being worn will help with any inflammation.

As a Mum yourself, can you share any other natural teething relief remedies with us?

I absolutely love my homeopathic remedies. I use them for so many things! A breast milk ice block and a good teething toy in the freezer were also winners in this house! I can honestly say though, we didn’t have much need for other remedies. Neither of my boys were particularly bothered by the teething process. No drool nothing! In fact Quinn cut three molars in one week just recently and we had no idea until all of a sudden they were there! I could not be more of a believer in the power of amber! Although you will see Quinn wearing 2 necklaces and sometimes an anklet or bracelet just in case!

Amberocks owner and son
Kirsten with son Ash

You have a wide range of products besides the necklaces - bracelets, anklets and even jewellery for Mum. I love the idea of twinning with your babe! What's your favourite Amberocks product and why?

We love our range for mums. It’s really popular and we hope to keep expanding it! I can’t go past our necklaces though. They look so adorable on and I love seeing all the gorgeous babes wearing them and I know how good it is for them. I’m really excited about our new range of anklets. Ankles change in size so much with babies as they grow and getting one to fit is a little tricky, our new adjustable anklets are so good! And just in time for summer too, so hoping we see lots of mums and bubs twinning over the next few months!


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