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Twenty5 Flamingos

Twenty5 Flamingos is a growing home handmade business bringing you unique baby and children's accessories and home decor.

Founded by a mum of two with a passion for unique, beautiful and quirky gifts, accessories and decor Twenty5 Flamingos aims to provide a little something for everyone - from prints and wall hangings to nappy clutches and kids bags there is something everyone will fall in love with.

Bring a room alive with personalised wall hangings, trinkets and decor or bring some fun to your nappy bag with the Ultimate Change Mat - available in a range of prints - At Twenty5 Flamingos we just want to make every aspect of being a mum, no matter how un-glamorous, fun and enjoyable.

My aim is to make everyone's life a little brighter, easier and a little more fun. - Martine Bilen, Owner.

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Floral Letters

These letters are individually decorated to order, and are available in Autumn or Pastel colours. 20cm in height with a small loop on the back to assist with hanging on your wall or door.


Baby Change Mat

Padded for your little one’s comfort these mats are longer than average catering for up to 3 year olds. 31cm wide x 60cm long, hand made from flannelette & lined with Thermoplastic elastomer.


Baby Moon Wall Hanging

Add calm to your little one’s nursery with this Moon wall hanging, made from soft flannelette, stuffed with hypoallergenic fiber stuffing & painted with non-toxic acrylic fabric paint. The stars are shiny  glitter felt appliques.