A Baby Is Born

A Baby is Born

A Baby Is Born aims to give the women and families in the Wimmera, Grampians and Loddon Mallee regions of Victoria the best preparation possible to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience through the art and science of midwifery and the Calmbirth® childbirth education programme.
We believe that the birthing woman is the central participant on her journey to motherhood and in her birth experience. We celebrate this unique and unrivalled journey that is created by time and nature.

We provide comprehensive, realistic and inspiring education for birthing women and their partners. We have four core values that we strive to achieve through the delivery of our services:

A Baby Is Born enables the birthing woman and her support person to enter labour with their minds prepared and equipped to work in harmony with their bodies. We believe that the more confidence a woman has in the birthing process, the better prepared they are to birth their baby in a calm and gentle way.
In our Calmbirth® classes, we respond to unique needs and concerns in a nurturing and honest care relationship. We are passionate about providing a welcoming, inspiring and secure environment where the goals of pregnant women and their support person for pregnancy, birth and the early parenting experience are identified, supported and achieved. Our Calmbirth® classes combine discussions, practical exercises, group activities, videos and written materials to enhance the learning experience.

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